Star Wars


9 Incredible 'Star Wars'-Themed Wedding and Birthday Cakes

May the fork be with you (so you can dig into these cakes)
Star Wars


These cakes are perfect for any Star Wars party or wedding.

If there’s one franchise that has inspired the most dedicated fans across the galaxy, it has to be Star Wars. The world of Jedis, intergalactic battles, and plenty of drama has inspired countless other stories and conventions — and even cakes.

In honor of May the Fourth, we’ve rounded up nine stunning, fun, and quirky intergalactic cakes from a galaxy far, far away (known as Facebook). From peek-a-boo wedding cakes to bold groom’s cakes to a variety of delightful birthday cake surprises featuring all of your favorite Star Wars characters, there’s plenty in here to give you envy or inspiration for your own Star Wars-themed bash.


This rolling droid was the breakout, adorable new character from Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and this brightly colored cake shows off his vibrant personality. The spherical shape is also a particularly impressive one to pull off.

Chewbacca’s Fur Cake

Chewie’s fluffy brown fur just begs to be turned into buttercream, and that’s exactly what this birthday cake does. With just a bit of a flourish and the right piping tools, this mesmerizing, simple cake can be replicated easily at home.

Come to the Dark Side… We Have Cake

Not only do we love the clever caption on this Darth Vader cake, but its bold black and white color palate makes it an intense choice for any party. Sure, this cake may look intimidating, but it tastes incredible.

Death Star Groom’s Cake

Yes, we know the Death Star is a scary, scary place, but something about this groom’s cake makes Darth Vader’s operation center seem quite elegant. The all-white color palate makes this geeky cake appropriate for any wedding.

Massive Tiered Cake

This larger-than-life Star Wars cake is filled with marbled colors, favorite characters, and the signature Death Star and Millennium Falcon ships. Each tier depicts a different element of the Star Wars universe and is more magnificent than the one beneath it.

Millennium Falcon Groom’s Cake

A starship that actually floats? Umm, yes please. This Millennium Falcon cake not only features gorgeous colors and textures, but it also lights up. It’s almost as though it’s zooming across a galaxy far, far away in front of your very eyes.

Peek-a-Boo Star Wars Wedding Cake

Classic in the front, quirky in the back. This four-tiered wedding cake’s traditional front side will appease grandma, who may be shocked by a non-traditional wedding cake. But, when it’s turned around, this 360-degree cake features favorite Star Wars characters in all their bold glory.

Stacked Characters

Can’t decide between Chewbacca, a Stormtrooper, Yoda, or the Death Star? You don’t have to! Each character is represented in this five-tier cake. The use of texture and bold colors in each layer makes each personality pop in its own way.



Though this cake may not stand on its own like many other R2 cakes out there, we love the lifelike textures achieved thanks to airbrushing techniques. This is the droid you are looking for.