The 9 Best Jay Leno ‘Tonight Show’ Food Moments (Slideshow)

We send Leno off with a collection of our favorite ‘Tonight Show’ food moments

The Twinkie Holder

Leno has always had a thing against food containers if his bits are any indication. Aside from being annoyed about a container made to hold your cereal bar, he demonstrates the stupidity of a Twinkie Holder which will help your Twinkie “last an additional 500 years.”

Epic Meal Time

When Leno interviewed the creators of Epic Meal Time, a show dedicated to eating the fattest foods of all time ever, he got his hands a little dirty and marveled at the insane meal he was preparing. He joked, “This is why you have to get married because men will eat like this all the time.”

Real Pet Products

Some of the best Leno moments include his hilarious product reviews. While he is going over real like goofy pet products, he stumbles along a high-chair for puppies so they can eat at the table with their humans. He sets the dog up at his table and promptly dives head first into his cereal bowl so he can eat like a dog too!

Haggis and Blood Pudding

We are sure Leno's guests will really miss opportunities like this. In order to get $3,000 for breast cancer research, Leno hadactress Kristin Chenoweth gobble down haggis and blood pudding. Her reaction to it all? Priceless.

Southern Cooking

Poor Paula Deen had no idea what she was getting into when she went on Leno’s show to bake an ooey gooey layer cake. She is subjected to his poor cooking skills as he gets confectioner’s sugar all over the set!

Meat Water

Leno always opened his act with a monologue on current events and newest releases. But one product in particular seemed to really grind his gears. Meat Water, which sounds exactly like what it is, was joked about incessantly over the course of 2009.

Pizza Time

"Pizza Cuz" Sal Basille and Francis Garcia appear on Leno’s show with Howie Mandel for some quality pizza making time. Watching Leno attempt to handling dough while Mandel panics about germs makes for an interesting pizza pie experience.

Cake Fight!

Getty Images/ Thinkstock

We loved it when Leno would get a little silly. He took silly to the extreme when he engaged Terry Bradshaw in an epic cake fight that resulted in the two grown men rolling around on the floor, smashing cake into one another...

Fried Bananas

‘Fry It and Try It' creator Jim Stacy stopped by to show Leno how to fry his banana... which instigated more than a few hilarious, inappropriate jokes!