9 Amazing Baby Shower Cakes (Slideshow)

From the sweet to the sassy, we found baby shower cakes for any expecting mommy

Baby Bag

What new mom doesn’t need a couture baby bag? We love how the Butterfly Bakeshop paid close attention to detail. Complete with all of these accessories, this adorable edible bag even has a monogram and photo of the little angel on mommy’s iPhone. 

Stack Blocks

This beautiful baby shower cake is stacked with beauty and detail. We love how Rosebud Cakes captured a classically tiered cake and shaped it too look like a real stack of blocks. The sugary ribbon and welcome tag are great final touches.

Baby Feet

For a little tike on the way, it is only natural to consider small cake pop bites. Though very simple, Big City Pop’s cute, tiny little design was enough to make us "aww" audibly. Just look at those wittle itty bitty fweet! OK, we’ll stop.

Rub-a Dub Dub...

Adorable animals in the tub! We love Pastrychik’s take on the "shower" part of the baby shower. They adorable little creatures are the perfect blend of cute and are down-right gorgeously crafted. Everything about this cake makes our hearts melt.


We thought this cake from Rosebud Cakes was absolutely fitting. After all, topsy-turvy cakes are all the rage. That fact along with the symbolism of a new mom’s life going all topsy-turvy once baby comes makes this the ultimate shower cake

Craving Cake

As an ode to mom’s wacky cravings, this creative confection comes from the astounding work done at The Uncommon Cakery. For a mom who had a rather interesting eating history during her pregnancy, this cake is a hilarious addition to any themed baby shower. 


With mom–to-be building her proverbial "ark," this sweet little confection from Wicked Little Cake Company is perfect. We love the pastel colors and cute characters that really make us feel like it belongs in a baby’s new nursery. 

It's a Droid

Geek moms everywhere are cooing at this adorable R2D2 droid cake. Iced Cake Artistry truly lived up to their name with this one — and we just love the little pink bow for to-be-born baby girl!

Rock-a-Bye Baby

For a baby on the way as sweet as a lullaby, this rock-a-bye baby cake is great for any expecting mommy. Wicked Little Cake Company dreamt up this almost ethereal cake packed with all of baby’s most loved and needed things!