Aztec-Inspired Skull Cake from 8 Horrifying Wedding Cakes Slideshow

8 Horrifying Wedding Cakes Slideshow


Aztec-Inspired Skull Cake

Butter End Cakery

At first glance you might not notice the middle layer of this cake made by Santa Monica-based The Butter End Cakery, shaped as a skull and disguised in flowery fondant shapes and glitter. Take a closer look — it's watching you with a creepy, menacing glare.

Web-Topped Cake

Cake Alchemy

Rather than a trio of white layers decorated with pearl trim, one couple opted for a smoky swirled cake crafted by New York-based Cake Alchemy, topped with a real spiderweb and a white skull. Gorgeous, but it seems like something you'd be more apt to find at a funeral, no?

Exploding Dinosaur Cake

Instead of the classic layer cake, how about instead having a monstrous dinosaur rising out of an exploding tree trunk (complete with what looks like blood and gore — or lava), as Cake Alchemy crafted here? And yes, that is the bride in one hand, groom in the other. Looks like Dino is hungry.

Wedding Day, Bloody Wedding Day


Yes, this is a wedding cake, crafted by Connecticut-based J-Cakes. Note to the groom: Don't anger your bride…

Corpse Bride Cake

Pink Cake Box

Inspired by the dark Tim Burton film, New Jersey-based Pink Cake Box crafted this Corpse Bride for one couple's wedding day. We just hope this bride hasn't risen from the dead just to marry her husband-to-be. 

Nightmare Before Christmas Cake

Pink Cake Box

Yet another Pink Cake Box creation inspired by the Tim Burton classic The Nightmare Before Christmas… While it might appear creepy to the eye, we'd devour a slice in a second without pausing to think — carrot cake with hazelnut buttercream, vanilla with raspberry Chambord, chocolate with peanut butter buttercream, and red velvet with vanilla? Oh my!

Chains and Skulls Cake

Cake Alchemy

Cake Alchemy crafted this cake for one soon-to-be-wed couple. Yet, the chains and skulls remind us of balls and chains, and being imprisoned. Wait, is that what marriage is?

Skeleton Cake

Cake Alchemy

Bony skeletons, sticky spiderwebs, fluttering bats, and creepy, colorful zombie faces… It's not the typical adornment to a three-tier wedding cake. But for one couple, it’s exactly what they wanted Cake Alchemy to craft for them.