8 Great Pitchers for Entertaining Slideshow

Hobnail Pitcher — $78

We've already expressed our love for this vintage-esque pitcher. Ideal for lemonade or iced tea, it comes in a large variety of colors that will instantly pop on your table.

Ripe Kumquat Pitcher — $149.95

We’re obsessed with the colors on this pitcher and its fleck-like texture. Great for orange juice on a brunch or breakfast table.

Clear Hole Glass Decanter — $26.95

Double or triple up on these, fill them with various juices, and create a Bellini and mimosa bar at your brunch that will leave your guests very impressed.


Cancun Margarita Pitcher and Glasses — $21.79

If this isn’t a bargain deal, then we don’t know what is. Seven margarita glasses and a pitcher for less than $25 dollars — what a score, right? This is an easy girls'-night-in must-have.



Sea Grass Wrapped Pitcher — $12.99

Perfect for any beach-side brunch. We suggest serving mimosas in this pitcher.


Dibbs Pitcher — $34.95

This clean, simple pitcher is great for sparkling water with lemon or cucumber and to keep on your table at all times during whatever party you’re hosting. 


Summer Cocktail Pitcher with Stir Rod—$19

This is a total mojito must-have — use the stir rod to muddle and mix mint, limes, and sugar.