7 Vintage Easter Photos You Have to See (Slideshow)

Look at some of these retro beauties posing with their easter baskets


With an empty Easter basket in hand, this little boy in 1958 already dug into his Easter treats. Check out the abandoned chocolate bunnies on the floor. 


There are so many great things in this picture, we don’t know where to start! From the plastic covered seats to the old chocolate bunny, we love these gorgeous little baskets. 


Pictured here is Lavetta Arrington of Chicago in 1965. The poor child was crying because the Easter Bunny didn't hand deliver her the Easter basket that she is clinging too!


Look at these two in their Sunday bests! We cannot get over how adorable this little boy’s smile is. And just look at those stuffed Easter baskets!


Va-va-voom! Look at this gorgeous photo of Mary Carlisle as an Easter pin-up bunny from the 20s. Oh yeah, and the Easter basket too. 


There is no denying that they sweet girls are ready for their Easter Sunday!


These little Easter sweets look like they are ready to celebrate the day. Check out all of those vintage toys on the table and the dyed eggs in her basket