7 Original Empanadas to Serve to Your Guests Slideshow

Chorizo Greatness

A savory overload, this empanada combines the bold flavors of chorizo, arugula, roasted pepper, crème fraîche, and pine nuts. 


These are perfect for breakfast or brunch, and the coconut and lemon plum make for a great spring spread alone — now you just need the coffee.


As Suzanna Winter put it so beautifully herself, these are made with "sweet, succulent corn, biting peppers and onions, salty bacon, gooey cheese, bright cilantro, crispy fried dough, and floral, citrusy honey." We’re not sure we need to give more of a description than that.

Empanadas de Cajeta

A sweet and salty caramelized mini bite that’s great for crowds. Make sure you make enough — you’ll want more than one!

Queso Fritas

Cheesy. Fried. Goodness. Enough said. 

Thanksgiving Withdrawal

Leave the sandwich, take the empanada.