7 Clever Uses for Confetti Slideshow

Confetti Invitations

This can either go really badly or really well depending on the recipient of the party invitation. Stuff an envelope with confetti that pairs well with the invitation inside for a pre-party treat when your guests open their envelopes at home. 

Confetti Napkins

Totally DIY and really simple — create great color patterns for any season by mixing metallic paints with your favorite hued napkins for a serious pop of color on the table. 

Confetti Cake

Not to be mistaken with everyone’s beloved childhood favorite, Funfetti, confetti cake is a style that’s become popular as fondant has become more prevalent in cake decorating. Colorful dots cascading down a tiered cake make for a whimsical and bold statement and this style has been seen on the pages of wedding magazines as well as on TV shows like Cake Boss

Confetti Balloons

A balloon is festive, but how much more festive is a balloon stuffed with glitter and confetti inside? Skip the rest of the décor and grab a dozen of these for a high-brow approach to the classic party style. 

Confetti Eggs

With Easter just around the corner, update the idea of filling plastic eggs with candy. These confetti eggs are such a fun idea for the little kids in your life. Fill a hollow egg with glitter confetti or colorful cereal for a nontraditional Easter treat. 

Edible Confetti

Take your favorite sweet or sour candy and roll it out with a rolling pin. Then, cut fun and mini festive shapes out and place them in a goodie bag or atop a gift for a sweet surprise. 


Confetti Party Goods

From straws to favor bags to party utensils, add pops of color to your dessert table and bar with these eco-friendly and quirky sets.