6 Family-Approved Tailgating Games (Slideshow)

For the family that tailgates, keep the kids occupied with these great games



A very simple game, the object of cornhole is to pitch a beanbag into or onto the opponent's cornhole platform. Players can only stand in the "pitcher’s area" and aim to get 21 points total. A sunken beanbag is three points, and one that lands on the opponent's platform is worth one point. This is an easy game you can make yourself and the kids will have a blast forming teams and playing with friends. 

Ladder Golf


Play this game a few feet from the car, as the object of it is to hurl bolas (two golf-sized balls tethered together) at a three-prong ladder. Much like throwing tied sneakers to a lamp post — not that you ever did that — the bolas are supposed to wrap around one of the prongs, to gain a total of exactly 21 points. The top prong is worth three points, the middle two points, and the bottom one point. Like blackjack, the object of the game is to get at or as close to 21 points in a round but never go over. 



This isn’t a new discovery, but horseshoes are an excellent way to pass the time at a tailgate. Before the game, have your kids paint a horseshoe set in their team’s colors to get them excited to play at the next event. 

Washer Toss


This is a total DIY game for a tailgate. For a successful washer toss game, all you need is some cut PVC pipe, two old draws, and some old washers from your toolbox. The object of the game is similar to cornhole, in that you have to land a washer on or near the pit. Inside the cup will score you score you five points while shots that land closest to the cut are worth one. A simple way to pass the time, washer toss is fun (and tedious) enough to keep kids occupied for hours.  

Lawn Darts

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We definitely do not recommend playing the real version of this game, as kids hurling objects that are practically arrows at one another is dangerous. However, with the help of a hula hoop, a Nerf gun and some green grass, you can set your targets and games alongside the tailgate. 



This amazing new sport combines two of man’s favorite things: football and bowling. Forget the beanbags, this will have your kids not only occupied but will show them how to throw like a pro. It works much like cornhole but instead of tossing a bean bag to a platform, you are pitching a football toward a row of kingpins. Much like bowling, the object is to knock the opponents’ pins over first.