Host the Perfect Brunch from 51 Amazing Brunch Recipes

51 Amazing Brunch Recipes

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Host the Perfect Brunch

The perfect brunch is a combination of flavor and presentation. You want to be sure your menu is fun and functional. The key is to include a variety of dishes that can be prepped and ready to bake at various starting points so you're never confined to the kitchen for long. Sure, you need to watch the griddle for the pancakes, but throw that hash brown casserole in the slow cooker while you work. Chop vegetables the previous night and set them up with your eggs for an overnight bake. Prepare pitchers of sangria the evening before for easy boozy brunch serving — or click here for more delicious cocktails. To help inspire your next brunch menu, we’ve devised a list of the 51 best recipes for your brunch. Whether you are looking for a killer pancake recipe or an eggscellent way to start your day, we’ve got you covered. Mix and match these dishes for the ultimate brunch menu, and prepare to delight and dazzle your guests for many brunches to come!