5 Simple And Sweet Sangrias For Summertime Sipping

Something about summer just screams "sangria" to us. Maybe it's our desire to drink wine year round without being bogged down by the heavy tannins and mouthfeel of red wine. Or maybe it's because fresh fruit is available in massive quantities. Or, most likely, it's just plain delicious.

Though sangria is traditionally made with red wine, the basic structure of this cocktail — wine, a splash of liquor, and fruit —allows for easy variation. Want something citrus-y? Rosé and blood oranges it is! Want something tropical and refreshing? Go for pineapple and riesling. Not a fan of fruit? Try out sangria's sister cocktail, tinto de verano (which literally translates to "red wine of summer").

To help you have the best summer ever sipping on cocktails, we polled our Culinary Content Network of food bloggers to see what their favorite sangria recipes are. Luckily, there's something in here for fans of every type of wine (even Champagne).

Champagne Sangria

The enticing red-orange color of this Champagne-based sangria comes from pomegranate juice and blood orange liqueur, which help to add tangy citrus notes. No Spoon Necessary added strawberries, blood oranges, and pomegranate help to make this cocktail absolutely alluring.

For the Champagne Sangria recipe, click here.

Red Wine Sangria

If you want a fairly classic sangria but don't know where to start, Tasty Ever After's red wine sangria is a great jumping off point. Brandy adds a depth to the red wine, while the orange juice and fruit add some naturally sweet balance.

For the Red Wine Sangria recipe, click here.

Star Spangled Sangria Spritzer

This red, white, and blue sangria is perfect for any Fourth of July fete you may be throwing, but don't let the colors deter you from making this any other time this summer. Eat, Drink, and Save Money balances a dry riesling with beautifully syrupy sweet pineapple, strawberries, and blueberries.

For the Star Spangled Sangria Spritzer recipe, click here.

Summertime Sangria

This light rosé-based sangria from Food Hunter's Guide contains elderflower liqueur, bringing out plenty of floral notes in the wine. Balled and frozen honeydew not only helps to chill your cocktail without watering it down, but they also provide much-needed melon flavor.

For the Summertime Sangria recipe, click here.

Tinto de Verano

Like sangria, tinto de verano is a Spanish red wine cocktail. But it's like the simpler, cooler sister, because it only features a simple lemon as its garnish and is easier to make at home. Grits and Chopsticks similarly keeps this tinto de verano recipe true to the basics.

For the Tinto de Verano recipe, click here.

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