Football Themed Snacks From Pinterest

Serve these football snacks at your next tailgate
Football Brownie Bites


Get into the game day spirit with these treats.

We can always count on Pinterest to come up with creative, innovative ways to enhance our parties. For your next game day, don’t just serve hoagies on a platter at halftime. Instead, serve a football-themed snack! Each of these snacks looks just like a football to help pump everyone up at the tailgate.

Football Brownie Bites

Use store-bought brownie bites or make your own brownies in a miniature muffin tin for a cute football dessert. Use vanilla frosting to draw the laces on these footballs, and serve them at your tailgate for a sweet treat.

Football Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Dip strawberries into melted semi-sweet chocolate for their “football” look. Once this chocolate has dried, use white icing to draw the laces on top of the football for a cute, but sporty dessert.

Football Deviled Eggs


Make some deviled eggs and use chives to create the laces of the football. The chives actually enhance the bite of the deviled egg by providing a zingy taste to your creamy egg. You can serve these at any football party for a delicious, filling appetizer.