5 Famous Babies Named After Food

The real food-loving celebrities have named their children after their favorite ingredients

We can trust celebrity chef Jamie Oliver to give his kids food-related name.

It seems we can tell who the really dedicated, food-loving, ingredient-obsessive celebrities are by looking at the names they have given their children. Those who are truly food-focused (we’re looking at you, Gwyneth Paltrow) took their love of eating and cooking so far, that they named their offspring after sought-after expensive herbs, sweet, loveable ingredients, and simple, nutritious fruits. Here are five of our celebrity baby favorites:

Apple Martin

Gwyneth Paltrow really foresaw her future obsession with all things healthy and nutritious when, in 2004, she and ex-husband Chris Martin named their daughter Apple.

Clementine Jane Hawke

Ethan Hawke and his second wife Ryan Shawhughes named their first child together Clementine. Although this is originally a Latin name, it’s definitely more likely that people pick up on the food comparison rather than its real etymological origins.

Olive Barrymore Kopelman

Actress, model, and writer Drew Barrymore and her third husband Will Kopelman named their first daughter Olive  what an adorable name for a baby girl.

Poppy Honey Rosie Oliver

Of course we can entrust Jamie Oliver and his wife Jools to give at least one of their children a food-related name. They named their first daughter Poppy Honey  we hope that this little girl grows up to love food as much as her name and father have set her up to.

Saffron Sahara Le Bon


Saffron Sahara Le Bon is the daughter of Duran Duran’s lead singer Simon Le Bon and his wife, model Yasmin Le Bon. We hope this girl doesn’t mind having to live up to such a decadent name.