Drew Barrymore Launches Latest Wine: a Pinot Grigio

Drew Barrymore has launched Barrymore by Carmel Road Pinot Grigio

This is the latest in the collection that Barrymore explains is “from my family to yours.”

One of Drew Barrymore’s first experiences with wine was drinking pinot grigio around the table, gossiping with her girlfriends, so it makes sense that this mother of two and A-list celebrity would want to produce her own bottle of the classic white under her line of Barrymore wines. She recently announced the release of Barrymore by Caramel Road Pinot Grigio: her latest in a line of wines that were created in honor of her family. She teamed up with the Monterey, California winery to create this “bright, crisp white wine with flavors of lemon drop, Asian pear, and honeydew melon star.”  The pinot grigio is being released nationwide just in time for the holidays.

The wine pairs well with a multitude of dishes, but Barrymore is partial to sipping it with sushi, or something spicy and biting to the palate. The wine label itself invokes something more masculine than typical pinot grigio connotations: it’s designed with her grandfather’s family seal.

 “I’ve always felt that sharing a beautiful bottle of wine is the best gift to give someone,” said Barrymore about her interest in the industry. “I always say, ‘think big’ so we’d love to do more varietals, and we want to be a curator for different types around the world, and just to able to bring new wines to your table.”

Above all, whether you’re bringing Barrymore Wine to a family party or another type of wine this holiday season, Barrymore suggests that you always bring at least two bottles to the party, and when you’re hosting: make sure there’s plenty of wine to go around, and to satisfy even those guests who could down a bottle by themselves.

Next up for the Barrymore brand may be a pinot noir, so look for that varietal sometime soon.

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Joanna Fantozzi is an Associate Editor with The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @JoannaFantozzi