5 Coffee Cocktails to Fuel Your Weekend Parties

Cheers! It’s Thirst-Day!

This Irish coffee is good for any time of day. And we won't tell you when to drink it.

You start your day with coffee — but is there any reason that you should reserve that delicious drink just for the mornings? We and our Culinary Content Network of food bloggers don’t think you should have to. Thus, we have five delicious coffee drinks you can enjoy at any time of day.

Chilled Nutella Coffee Latte
Coffee or dessert? Why not both! Skinny Sweet Daily’s chocolate-hazelnut iced coffee drink is topped with whipped cream, so it’s the ultimate indulgent beverage.

For the Chilled Nutella Coffee Latte recipe, click here.

DIY Latte: No Fancy Equipment Required
Do you think that you need a crazy espresso machine to make a latte? Haha, nope! A Mind Full Mom proves that all you really need is coffee, milk, a microwave, and a whisk.

For the DIY Latte: No Fancy Equipment Required recipe, click here.

Espresso Old Fashioned
Looking for something sophisticated yet simple to serve at your next cocktail party? Food Hunter’s Guide has your back.

For the Espresso Old Fashioned recipe, click here.

Iced Coffee Granita With Maple Orange Cream
There’s something appealing about sipping on iced coffee in the summertime, and Oat & Sesame has this refreshing coffee cocktail on her rotation. There’s nothing like coming home from a long day at work and drinking this.

For the Iced Coffee Granita With Maple Orange Cream recipe, click here.

Irish Coffee
OK, maybe you can’t add cream and whiskey into your coffee every morning, but this four-ingredient Irish coffee recipe from Tasty Ever After sure will make you want to.

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