25 Potluck Dishes That Will Win The Party

What’s the point of sharing a dish if it isn’t the best on the buffet table?

You want to have the dish everyone raves about, right?

There’s something humble and simple about a potluck, isn’t there? Every guest brings something to the party to share their culture and their favorite, most treasured dishes with their fellow loved ones. It’s all very community-oriented and lovely.

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Yes, everyone loves the fellowship and conversation at a potluck. But come on, you know what the real goal of the party is: to win.

You want to have the best dish, the most delicious, the one that has everyone going back for seconds and thirds. Someone else brought a vegetarian butternut squash casserole? Pfft… It has nothing on yours!

If a potluck is a competition, you need to be the very best. From a sweet and salty bacon bourbon caramel popcorn guests will grab by the handful to new twists on potluck classics like macaroni and cheese, artichoke dip, and deviled eggs to delectable desserts like mini fruit tarts, these dishes will help you to dominate the table.

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