11 Deviled Egg Recipes to Make with Leftover Easter Eggs

Don’t let dyed Easter eggs go to waste — make deviled eggs

Use your colored eggs to make this popular snack. (Photo Modified: Flickr/Steven Depolo/CC 4.0)

Whether you have children in your home or simply love creative projects and holiday traditions, the odds are good that you'll have a few brightly colored, hard-boiled eggs to use up after Easter Sunday. As long as your eggs aren't covered in anything that makes them difficult to peel or unsafe to eat (like excessive amounts of glitter or glue), and assuming they haven't been sitting out at room temperature for hours on end, they are perfectly suited for any recipe that calls for hard-boiled eggs. Why not make some delicious deviled eggs?

11 Deviled Egg Recipes to Make with Leftover Easter Eggs

Deviled eggs are easy to make. The most basic recipe calls for just a handful of ingredients and can be made in well under 10 minutes if your eggs are already cooked. The peeled eggs are halved lengthwise, the yolks are removed and flavored with other ingredients, and then the flavored egg yolk mixture is put back into the hollowed out egg whites. Though you can simply spoon the filling back into the egg whites, many chefs and home cooks opt to pipe the filling in using a pastry bag; this makes for a beautiful presentation.

Because eggs pair well with so many other foods, there are many unique and delicious versions of deviled eggs. Some recipes include hot sauces or jalapeños for a spicy kick while others integrate prosciutto or caviar for extra salty, savory flavor. Some include bright, fresh herbs and others rich, sweet, roasted red pepper. The variations on the classic deviled egg recipe are nearly endless.

So if you're tired of chopping all your leftover Easter eggs for egg salad (and tired of taking egg salad sandwiches for lunch all week post-holiday), why not make a plate of delicious deviled eggs? We've got 11 recipes that you'll love.

Avocado Deviled Eggs


Perfect for guacamole lovers, these avocado deviled eggs are filled with creamy, heart-healthy avocado. If you don't want to make the filling from scratch, try store-bought guacamole instead.

Chickpea Deviled Eggs

These tasty chickpea deviled eggs have twice the protein of classic deviled eggs and lots of fiber thanks to the addition of garbanzo beans. Top each deviled egg with a chickpea and a sprig of parsley for a beautiful presentation.

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