25 Best Pinterest Boards for Hosts (Slideshow)

If you are a frequent party-thrower, follow these amazing boards for nonstop inspiration

25.) Printable Parties to Go by bisonbleu

Followers: 1,655

Boards: 87

This creative pinner comes in at number 25 on our list, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't jump to follow her. If you are looking for a few inspirations to get you through a soirée, this pinner has amassed more than 7,700 pins on a variety of entertaining ideas. We give her great props for not overdoing self-promotion and pinning things based on what she thinks her followers will find useful.

24.) Party Patisserie

Followers: 1,929

Boards: 115

What we love about this pinner is her ability to organize by color. Not only does she have 115 boards to pull inspiration from, she compartmentalizes it so that followers have an easy time navigating through her pins. The most noticeable board is her "Share Your Crafts!" board, which has more than 200,000 pins of awesome DIY crafts for every season!

23.) It's Your Party

Followers: 2,131

Boards: 66

If you are in the market to get married, you have to follow this pinner. In their 66 boards, they have covered hundreds of pins and every fathomable angle  of wedding inspiration. There are even boards that include ideas for the groomsmen — an often overlooked aspect of wedding planning.  

22.)Fizzy Party

Followers: 2,804

Boards: 60

The Fizzy Party pinner is one busy gal. Her 60 boards are full of awesome ideas, absolutely overflowing with inspiration, especially in the current season (more than 700 Halloween pins!). What we love about this pinner is the fact that she uses a lot of food as her inspiration and even has a board dedicated to what to bring over to friends’ homes when invited. 

Smarty Had a Party

Followers: 3,936

Boards: 76

Wise up and start following this pinner. They have a distinct style of organizing boards and tons of party-ready recipes to share. Plus, they have an awesome baby shower board that is stacked with unique party ideas and a ton of beautiful photography. 

Party Pieces



If you are a holiday aficionado, following this pinner will make your seasons a breeze. They thought of every aspect of holiday party décor, and have a hearty amount of pins in each board to support their ideas. We love all of their boards and the immense attention to detail they give to party ideas, from 1920s Gatsby Garden Party boards to a Harry Potter party board. Our favorite, though, has to be their Halloween board, packed with more than 320 pins of creepy decorations, costumes, and themed food.

A to Zebra Celebrations

Followers: 4,750

Boards: 153

This pinner loves to use fantastic photos and keep very current with her pins. Visually, the boards' order and arrangement are very easy on the eyes and follow a seasonal color pattern. While we are totally digging her fall collection of boards, we love that she also has awesome kid’s party boards that really think about the entire party from, well, A to Z!

Amy's Party Ideas

Followers: 5,043

Boards: 110

As an active host, we are assuming that you are the go-to party person in your circle. If you are running dry on inspiration, you have to start following this pinner. This particular series of boards is great for evergreen party ideas that do not rely on the season. We love her creative pins that are food-focused and the tons of great party ideas for birthday celebrations.

Party Blueprints Blog

Followers: 6,849

Boards: 155

What this pinner accomplishes in their 155 boards is diversity. They do an excellent job of pinning seasonally relevant items and balance out their pins fairly between food and table-setting ideas. We love their seasonal food boards, like their Comfort Food Recipes that is loaded with tons of beautiful and tasty-looking recipes. 

Pretty My Party

Followers: 11,227

Boards: 260

Across the board (yes, pun intended), this pinner does an excellent job of showcasing the entire party scape. While they clearly feel that categories are important, with 260 boards, they do a great job of choosing photos and ideas that take in a whole scene rather than giving followers little pieces of ideas. 

Ready to Party

Followers: 12,521

Boards: 35

While the Ready to Party boards are loaded with great wedding ideas, what we love this pinner for is their propensity for dessert! They seem to have a real sweet tooth, with 303 pins in their Eat Dessert First board that has loads of mouthwatering, creative party desserts any guest would melt over. 

Chris Nease (Celebrations at Home)

Followers: 12,741

Boards: 89

This pinner puts a lot of TLC into what she pins on her boards. Taking a quick glance at her pinner profile shows she has a distinct style worth following, and we have to say she may the queen of DIY inspiration. Chris Nease has pinned 124,206 pins to her DIY-Party board at last count, which is loaded with practical, useful ideas for every level of host. 

Party City

Followers: 16,021

Boards: 39

Busy, bright, and super colorful, this major pinner has ideas for every party worth looking at. We love their ability to turn every holiday into a real hosting event that doesn't just promote the products they sell. For instance, their Thanksgiving Party Ideas board has great décor ideas as well as tons of food and craft how-tos for your party.

Kelly {The Party Dress + WH Hostess}

Followers: 16,554

Boards: 127

For a modern hostess with Old World elegance, you should follow this pinner for the perfect amount of inspiration on all things party. Her pin style encompasses often overlooked aspects of parties on Pinterest, like hostess gifts and flowers for your table.

Bird's Party

Followers: 17,620

Boards: 204

Aside from offering followers an array of inspirational pins, Bird’s Party boards do a great job of sharing crafty ideas that pinners can actually do. Particularly, their Tutorials board offers followers an accessible guide on how to make a lot of the items they pin to various boards so they can have the exact look for their soirée. 

DIY Parties

Followers: 29,367

Boards: 155

Any type of party you may even be considering throwing, DIY Parties boards will have it covered. We love that these boards are not only stocked with high-quality photos of fabulous ideas, but each idea is completely well thought out and themed. They do a fabulous job of keeping the ideas accessible and creative in each of their boards, and hardly overlap any pins. 

Family Circle Magazine

Followers: 29,904

Boards: 81

We love that these boards are quick, simple and to the point. The major magazine lives up to their mission statement of considering all aspects of the home, especially when it comes to serving amazing party noshes with hundreds of awesome recipes!

Party Supplies Now

Followers: 30,929

Boards: 172

This eclectic pinner offers followers an array of styles and ideas to inspire for your own parties. Their boards are over-stuffed with ideas that appeal to every type and skill level of host, what we really love is their super-packed Gift Ideas board, which gives followers an idea of what to give as quirky favors or hostess gifts whether they are throwing or attending a party. 

Craft That Party

Followers: 65,026

Boards: 93

Celebrating all things DIY, this pinner gives all of her followers a ton of themes to work into any party. While all of her pins feature great photography, she also provides apt and useful descriptions of all of her pins, showing she puts a lot of thought and selectiveness into what she wants to share with her following. 

The TomKat Studio

Followers: 74,417

Boards: 111

If you are looking for a "personal" Pinterest experience, you have to follow this pinner. Everything that The TomKat Studio pins comes from an "I personally love this" standpoint that gives her boards a certain clout. Plus, with 111 boards all color-coordinated and using high-level photography, TomKat Studio gives pinners awesome eye candy they will want to replicate at their next party.

Kara's Party Ideas

Followers: 105,030

Boards: 169

Welcome to the mecca of party ideas. This pinner considers a ton of seasonal ideas, but their proficiency for parties concerning the little ones is practically unprecedented and is part of the reason why they made it into our top five. For ideas your kids will eat up, you have to check out her 7,624-strong Little Ones Parties pin board that covers a range of ages and personality preferences for small kids. 

Catch My Party

Followers: 130,933

Boards: 183

One glance at this pinner’s boards and you will completely understand that they have their finger on the party pulse. Aside from the fact that they have 183 boards of beautiful, diverse content, what we love most (naturally) is the attention to detail they place on decorative food. Each board has tons of eye-catching party bites that not only look delicious but capture the overall mood of the board that's pulled together perfectly. 

Real Simple

Followers: 358,343

Boards: 113

This majorly respected pinner does a fantastic job of blending life practicalities and party styles. We love the simple approach that this pinner takes on styling a party. They offer a ton of quick fixes, recipes, and ideas that a last-minute party planner can look to for successful inspiration. 

Better Homes and Gardens

Followers: 431,305

Boards: 132

For a truly all-inclusive, all-inspiring party Pinterest pinner, you have to follow Better Homes and Gardens. Not only are they extremely active and on point when it comes to putting together elements for parties both indoor and out, but they consider their audience. We are particularly thankful for their Time-Savers for Busy Families board that gives us great ways to pull off a last-minute party with great success. You can absolutely count on Better Homes and Gardens to give you tips on how to take care of everything that goes into planning a party from start to finish!

Martha Stewart Living

Followers: 452,222

Boards: 129

You cannot possibly get through a list of party-inspiring people without mentioning the queen of all homemaking skills, Martha Stewart. Aside from her obvious display of prowess when it comes to organizing and arranging a party, what we love most about her décor and party boards is the interactivity she promotes amongst followers. Stewart knows that inspiration comes from every corner of the world, and not only gives followers not only an amazing amount of her own ideas but she also gives them a ton of guest pinner’s opinions to mix up style.