2-Ingredient Recipe Entertaining Lifesavers


Cake Mix + Canned Pumpkin = Brunch Muffins

Although it may seem shocking, just one can of pumpkin (NOT pumpkin pie mix) creates a batch of perfectly moist muffins! Combine the pumpkin with whatever flavor of cake mix you like or have in the cupboard, and bake as you would a conventional recipe. Not only do you save money on excess ingredients, but you also save calories by eliminating the eggs, butter, and vegetable oil.

Eggs + Mashed Bananas = Pancakes

With this recipe, you may never go back to regular pancakes again! Without any artificial sugar, dairy, or flour, these pancakes are perfect for guests of all dietary demands and needs. For exact measurements and assembly instructions, check out Food.com's recipe, and for ideas on how to spruce up your pancakes, take a look at our 6 Pancake Recipes Slideshow or Crazy Pancake Recipe Ideas.

Buttermilk + Self-Rising Flour = Buscuits

Fluffy, delicious biscuits don’t require a top-secret butter-to-flour ratio — you only need these two ingredients to quality biscuits. For exact measurements and instructions, check out TheKitchn, and for ideas on how to spruce up these treats, check out 6 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Make with Biscuits.

Shredded Cheese + Cheese Nips = Cheese Crisps

These cheese crisps make the perfect fancy appetizer, and they look much more difficult to prepare than they actually are. All you need is the shredded cheese of your choice and crispy cheese crackers. For instructions, check out Celebrations at Home.

Almonds + Onion Soup Mix = Onion Dip

Almonds can make butter, milk, and now dip? What can these nutritious nuts not do? We were shocked to discover that a nut could make such a delicious dip. Just combine about 1 cup of unsalted almonds with one package of onion soup mix in a food processor, and watch the magic happen!

Whiskey + Balsamic Vinegar = Steak Marinade

If you’re expecting last-minute dinner guests, but your refrigerator is lacking a flavorful meat sauce or marinade, just combine equal parts whiskey and balsamic vinegar and marinade meat for a few hours in the flavorful concoction. For a guide on how to then grill the perfect steak, follow our instructions here.

Greek Yougrt + Self-Rising Flour = Pizza Dough

No yeast, kneading, or constant maintenance is required to make delicious pizza dough if you’re hosting more guests than expected. Simply combine that plain Greek yogurt sitting in the fridge with that bag of self-rising flour in the cupboard, following this technique from KidsSpot. For ideas on how to then top the pizza, check out our 7 Spectacular Pizza Recipes.

Nutella + Eggs = Flourless Chocolate Cake

Your guests will dig into any dessert made with this irresistible chocolate-hazelnut spread, and since this recipe has no flour, it’s perfect for the gluten-free crowd! Follow these measurements by Kirbie Cravings to create a quick and delicious dessert.

Frosting + Melted White Chocolate Chips = Fudge

Amazing fudge is no longer a perplexing treat requiring fancy techniques. Simply pick your favorite flavor of frosting, combine it with melted white chocolate chips, and refrigerate for a few hours until guests arrive! For exact measurements, check out Cookies and Cups. Or, take it up a notch and make our Fudge Ice Cream Pie Recipe.

Cake Mix + A Can of Soda = Cupcakes

Yes, it really works! Just combine one can of your favorite flavor of cola with your favorite flavor of boxed cake mix, and bake as long as the box says. Similar to the brunch muffins, with this recipe you save ingredients, time, money, and calories from butter, oil, and eggs. Try it and be amazed! Feeling creative? Check out this Crazy Cupcakes Recipe Slideshow.

Puff Pastry Dough + Sugar = Palmiers

Come off as a fancy French chef with these delightful desserts. Simply thaw some puff pastry dough, roll it out, sprinkle it with sugar (or sprinkle with cheese and herbs for a savory twist), roll in sides, and slice before baking. For more ideas on how to fill your palmiers and recipes for simple French favorites, check out our French Bistro Dinner Menu.

Cream Cheese + Melted Chocolate = Truffles

These balls of chocolaty goodness taste as if they have 10 ingredients — your guests will never guess you assembled them with only two. Perhaps less is more in this case, and you may never go back to complicated truffles again. For measurements and assembly, check out Moms of All Trades.Feeling ambitious? Enhance this recipe with this Cookie Truffles Recipe.

Shredded Coconut + Sweetened Condensed Milk = Macaroons

Make this already simple cookie even easier with only two ingredients. Use two 16-ounce bags of either shredded or flaked coconut, depending on your texture preference, combine with one small can of sweetened condensed milk, and roll into balls before baking. Extra points for dipping into chocolate!

Nutella + Milk = Hot Cocoa

Bring irresistible comfort to unexpected overnight guests with delicious hot cocoa. Simply heat up ½ cup of chocolate-hazelnut spread with 4 cups of whole milk in a pot, or even heat in the microwave if you’re lacking time. Sprinkle with some marshmallows and save the day with chocolate. To take your hot cocoa a step further, read our Decadent Ways to Spice Up Hot Chocolate.

Lemon Curd + Cool Whip = Lemon Mousse

When you whip out a freshly made lemon mousse pie or parfait for your guests, they will be overcome with admiration, and you will be left gleaming with pride. Simply combine ½ cup of store-bought lemon curd with 1 cup of whipped cream or Cool Whip, and you have a wide variety of dessert possibilities — fill in a pre-made piecrust or throw together a trifle, and you’re good to go! For creative ideas on what to do with this mousse, check out 10 No-Bake Desserts for Entertaining.