18 of Halloween's Creepiest Cakes (Slideshow)


Corset Cake

This cake just seems like a typical Halloween cake until you really think about what it is. Mixing a blend of beautiful Halloween colors, this is the corseted back of some scary  ghoul: note the stitches on the skin!


With blood-splattered and severed characters, we aren’t exactly sure that this cake is a romantic way to express confectionary love. But we are sure that this is one really creepy cake that perfectly captures the unsettling spirit of Halloween.

Purple Skull

The deep-set purple color and scary black roses create a haunted look for this "dismal" wedding cake. The silver-accented skulls give the cake a much needed pop, but that definitely doesn’t make it less eerie. It's perfect for a Halloween wedding. 

Gothic Skull

It isn’t every day that you see a wedding cake draped in a fragile netting of a black spiderweb. This spooky Halloween cake has a beautiful quality to it that is really highlighted in the red roses and pearled accents that give it an almost gothic Victorian feel.

Eerie Tiers

We can’t say that this cake has a definitively creepy theme, but its accents of sugared, vine-like decorations and the masterfully sculpted wrought-iron topper make us feel like we are visiting a bridal graveyard!


Any cake that bleeds is a winner in our Halloween cake collection. With an oozing top tier, classic Halloween-themed center, and a base tier of a gruesome graveyard, this creepy cake touches on several layers of unsettling. 

Corpse Bride

The "creepiness" of this cake is subtle, but it's there none the less. Though the Tim Burton characters are almost sweet, we can’t help but notice the thorny vine encircling the topsy-turvy cake tiers. 

Alien vs. Predator

It is love at first... uh, interspecies bite? It is a little disturbing to see these two in any other facet then trying to kill each other. That being said, we are completely taken away by the finer details of the piece!


If little kids in horror movies disturb you, this skeleton cake of a once sweet little boy will give you the absolute heebie-jeebies! 

'Army of Darkness'

You can’t argue with a classic B-rated horror movie cake. Who could deny the awesomely bad cheesy Bruce Campbell flick — especially when it arrives in gory cake form?

Murray Mummy

Putting aside that this Hotel Transylvania character is absolutely perfectly executed, we cannot get over how this cool cake has eyes that actually glow for a harrowingly adorable effect.  

Zombie Wedding

For a couple that can tackle anything, this "Land of the Wed" zombie wedding cake is perfect! We are particularly impressed with the smaller details of bloody intestines sporadically draped on the cake. 

Freddy Krueger

Don’t you dare fall asleep if you are eating one of these cakes! The ode to Freddy Krueger is pretty disturbing in cupcake or pizza cake form — especially with those eerie soulless faces of cheese!

Skull Curtain

This cake does a great job of blending the spooky with the beautiful. We love the dramatic details that haunt and entice us on this wedding cake!

Halloween Pop

OK, so maybe these aren’t as creepy as they are cute. These little party pops are perfect for any Halloween soirée!


There is nothing creepier than something lurking in the shadows. This cake utilizes the creepy concept of silhouettes against a vibrant, Halloween-perfect orange color.  

Halloween Landscape

With the horrors of Halloween laid out in this bright cake landscape, we love how this baker incorporated his own style with the classic Tim Burton Corpse Bride characters. 

Halloween Landscape

With the horrors of Halloween laid out in this bright cake landscape, we love how this baker incorporated his own style with the classic Tim Burton Corpse Bride characters.