17 Ridiculous Kickstarter Campaigns (Slideshow)

Have you heard about the man who launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise money to make a potato salad?

The Cabin at Ups and Downs

William Whitley in Franklin, GA, started this project.  He has a goal of $8,532 to restore a 150-year-old cabin so he can process vegetables, have a fridge, and provide a free library for visitors. He’s budgeted $500 to go to a chest freezer for pig meat storage, specifically.

Beer to Build Life

This guy with a big white cat wants to upgrade his equipment for brewing five-gallon batches of beer. His business plan is to “start brewing more beer and give it away to people or events as I can.” If those drawings are any indication of a winner, I’ll certainly cast a pledge.

Leaning Tower of Bacon

Started by Kurt “Bacon” Fagan of Long Beach, CA this project seeks $1000 to ”stack bacon…really…really high. Then someone is going to destroy the tower. After that, we’re gonna eat it. Should be a pretty fantastic event.” Yes, historical.

Pancake in the Mail

For just $3, Mark William Cesal of Fort Myers, FL will make you a pancake and put it in the mail for you. He’s gotten a few requests for different types of pancakes, so backers  now have their choice of buttermilk, sourdough, and gluten-free.

Popcorn Strainer Marketing Fund

These legal-aged college students created the Popcorn Strainer, a plastic patented device with holes in it that basically separates out the kernels and small popcorn pieces from the properly popped ones. Watch the video and let us know if you think the extra work is worth it.


John Gigliotti of Nassau, NY is seeking $35,000 for his device UtensilMate, which snaps onto your utensil and delivers your desired condiment right onto your bite of food. Pledges of $90 get 10 Utensilmates, while a pledge of $2,500 gets you “many, many thanks and 2 lifetimes of good karma.”

Hot Sauce

As you’ll notice from the photo, Brian Faucher of Norwood, MA does not mess around when it comes to hot sauces. He’s on a mission to make his own. He’s looking for $200 to make this happen, but with a reach goal of $5,000, he will make a video of himself taking a shot of the super hot sauce and share it with the world.

He Wants to Make a Cake for His Girlfriend

Lucas Borza of Virigina Beach, VA wants to make a cake for his girlfriend. With 9 backers already, he’s surpassed his goal of $20. Risks include “actually using google to learn how to bake a cake (it’s harder than it seems).”

Chocolate-Covered Bacon

Lisa Streich from Warren, PA is looking for $2,500 to help launch a Chocolate Covered Bacon of the Month business. This novelty food is a #1 seller at her local vendor shows and she’s looking to get it out to the rest of the world.

Scrambled Eggs and Nice Legs

Angie Sanchez from “Farmersville and truckersville” Napoleon, OH is looking for $10,000 so she can open up a family business diner where the staff would wear shorts as part of their uniform. Eggs and Legs. Get it?

Traveling the US

A bartender and a chef from Chatanooga, TN want to travel the US to visit top-notch restaurants in every state. While this seems like a decent Kickstarter, I wonder how their goal of $150 is going to help them achieve this?

The Rum is Always Gone

Matthew Svatek and his two roommates from Humble, TX want to create a blog where readers tell them what to drink, they drink it, and then report on their experiences. Kind of like Drunk History, but not at all.

I Drink. I Cook. You Watch.

Completely by coincidence, this next Kickstarter is exactly like Drunk History with a mix of the Food Network. Watch webisodes starring Kristyn Humphreys of Los Angeles, CA drink while cooking. “Heck, I might even take orders or invite you to join.”

Making Crumpets Wearing Only Socks

Matt Jacobs of London definitely borrowed from our Potato Salad friend, but took it to the next level. He plans to “film an educational documentary on how to make crumpets whilst only wearing socks and discuss the dangers of doing so.” So far, he’s got $1 of his $100,000 goal.

Sushi For Kittens

Does this go against everything PETA stands for? Sean Kemp of San Jose, CA is a sushi chef who will feed his box of kittens sashimi-grade fish for pretty cheap. He’s surpassed his goal by $3.

Crambs: Let’s Make Cupcakes

“For the ‘you never went to Crumbs anways but you’re all really sad about it now.’ Crowd. Let me make you a cupcake.” James McKenna from Astoria, NY is going to make cupcakes and he’s using Kickstarter to crowdsource this project.

Editor’s Note: You should really read this page for a laugh.

Meatloaf Cupcakes

These bad boys made the cut simply because there’s an actual picture of them — and not a stock photograph. With a $40 goal, John Fessel of Jensen Beach, FL says he doesn’t want to live in a world without Meatloaf Cupcakes.