17 Best Pizza Chains Around the World (Slideshow)

If you’re hankering for a pie abroad, hit up these trusted chains

17. Pizza-La ― Japan

Ever have a hankering for clam pizza? Pizza-La in Japan is your place! Not only will you be treated to an array of interesting toppings like scallop butter soy sauce pizza, but you can also ditch the typical marinara sauce for a mayonnaise based sauce. It may be in last place on our list, but it is a definite safe bet if you are traveling in Japan!

16. Pizza School ― South Korea

They may not “school” you in terms of what it means to eat classic pizza, but they are a reliable chain for South Korean travelers and inhabitants alike. With toppings like fries and pork ribs, you will definitely be in for an interesting treat. 

15. Aoki's Pizza ― Japan

Available in central Japan only, this pizza chain is a favorite amongst those who can access it. Some people have coined Aoki’s as one of the most “exotic” pizza places, as its offerings are far reach away from any American style pizzeria. Aoki Pizza a special “UFO” option where you can combine any four style pizza toppings onto one pizza divided across the pie in equal quarters.

14. Four Star Pizza ― Ireland

This Irish pizzeria franchise has steadily grown, and has based its entire pizza philosophy on good old New York style pizza. While their version of thin crust is cutely called “skinny crust” and their fries “wedges,” this pizza chain predominantly resides in southern Ireland with rave user reviews.

13. Eagle Boys ― Australia

This pizza franchise began in 1987 at a small Albury shop in New South Wales. An award-winning franchise, their menu consists of only pizza, but features cool toppings like “Aussie Bacon and Egg,” and “Chicken Hawaiian.” Today you can find Eagle Boys Pizzas all throughout Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, the Australian Capital Territory, and Northern Territory.

12. Pizza Capers ― Australia

With over a 120 locations in Australia, Pizza Capers came on the scene in 1996 with delicious artisanal and classic style pizzas. Pizza Capers also offers an array of different styled chicken wings and gelato desserts, making them a favorite chain amongst hungry Australians.

11. Boston Pizza ― Canada

A mega-pizza chain with over 340 locations throughout Canada and several international locations, Boston Pizza’s goal is to bring a family friendly atmosphere to a standard sports bar vibe. While not all of their items are available for delivery, their in-house menu offers an array of entrees, sides, and of course pizza. 

10. Debonairs ― South Africa

In our top 10 spot, an award-winning, far-reaching franchise, Debonairs is a classy South African favorite for pizza lovers. With pizzas, hot subs and a plethora of meal options, their menu truly leaves you wanting for nothing. Their latest promotion features “Cheezy Pocket Pizzas,” which are basically average pies topped with pierogie like pockets of gooey goodness. 

9. Čili ― Lithuania

This expanding pizza chain is one of the largest chains in the Baltic area. Though the brand has grown to include a variety of different style restaurants, Čili offers 50 different style pizzas, including customer favorites like the “Mafia” pizza with minced beef, Guinea cubeb, onions, green peppers, canned onions, chile peppers, cheese tomato sauce, oil and garlic sauce, and oregano.

Apache Pizza ― Ireland

Though they are proudly 100 percent Irish-owned, this pizza chain plays off of our Native American heritage. It has grown to 73 locations and offers Irish pizza lovers super affordable deals and customizable pies. A few of their pies spotlight bacon as a major ingredient, with a few gem options like “American Style Beef Balls.”

7. The Pizza Company ― Thailand

A self-proclaimed pizza pioneer, The Pizza Company currently has over 240 branches nationwide. While they offer over 22 topping options, their most prevalent seems to be seafood, with pizzas like “Seafood Deluxe” and “Seafood Cocktail.”

6. Hell Pizza ― New Zealand

With options as sinfully delicious as they sound, New Zealand’s Hell Pizza offers patrons a ton of loaded pizzas in a cool, kitschy theme. The pizza chain grew to 66 franchised stores and moved to locations in Brisbane, Australia, Seoul, South Korea, and Vancouver, Canada. In 2009, the original owners bought it back and have since been perfecting the devilish menu they began curating in 1996. 

5. Peppes Pizza ― Norway

Delivering to over 11 cities in Norway, Peppes Pizza is one of the largest chain restaurants in all of Scandinavia and coincidentally made out top five! While travelers do complain of high prices, they say that this major pizza chain restaurant is good for a reliable bite. Peppe’s serves Chicago style pizza, but these deep dish fans also play to New York style lovers with a pre-folded pizza that is loaded with not so typical toppings like corn and ham. 

4. PizzaExpress ― United Kingdom

Don’t let the name fool you. PizzaExpress puts a lot of love into their food. While they do operate as a fully functional restaurant, their pizza’s standout quality is the perfect Romana-style crust. Across the country (and the world) these gorgeous restaurants boast about their healthy options and dedication to craft food. 

3. Pizza Pizza ― Canada

With literally over 600 unit locations in Canada, Pizza Pizza is one of the most popular chain pizzerias in the Great White North. They offer a stellar array of pizzas and unlike many of their competitors across the globe, Pizza Pizza offers customers an array of sides and additional dishes. Their pizza menu contains some classic American style pizza like pepperoni, but there isn’t an option (unless you customize it) for plain cheese. One notable pie is the “nation pride pizza,” topped with classic pepperoni, fresh mushrooms, bacon crumble, and mozzarella cheese, that Pizza Pizza feels accurately represents Canada’s pizza style.

2. Greenwich Pizza ― Philippines

The largest pizza chain in the Philippines also has a reputation for being its most beloved. With a thin crust and an array of toppings, it isn’t hard to see why! Pizza patrons who particularly love variety can enjoy one of their signature meals which include a slice of pizza, chicken, spaghetti, rice, and a Coke.

1. Telepizza ― Spain

Telepizza’s humble, family-owned roots exploded into a mega-pizza chain that now has 626 locations in Spain and 590 internationally and managed to top our list! While you won’t find an average cheese pizza, you will find some really cool toppings like cream cheese pizza or hot dog.