13-Year-Olds Spend Last Dollars on Food and Blanket for Homeless Man

When they saw a homeless man waiting outside the movie theater, three friends decided to pool their money and buy him supplies
13-Year-Olds Spend Last Dollars on Food and Blanket for Homeless Man

Screencap/The Daily Mail

The girls later posted footage of their meeting online, hoping that it would inspire their friends to engage in similar acts of kindness.

A group of young teenagers in Hartlepool, North East England, have made headlines after spending their last £15 (approximately $23 USD) on food, water, and a blanket for a homeless man they met on the street.

The teenagers, Natasha Osborne, Danielle McCarthy, and Chloe Parker, had been eating at Pizza Hut when they saw the man sitting outside the movie theater and were moved to help him.

One of the girls filmed the interaction as her friends handed over supplies and their leftover change to the man, and later posted the video to Facebook. The friends, all 13 years old, told the Daily Mail that they shared the video on social media in hopes that it would inspire their peers to take part in similar acts of kindness.

“He said he couldn't thank us enough and he hoped karma would be good to us,” one of the girls told the Mail. “We put it on Facebook to try to get more people to do stuff like that. It is amazing, we didn’t think it would get this much attention.”

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