11 Workouts You Can Get in the Kitchen from 11 Workouts You Can Get in the Kitchen (Slideshow)

11 Workouts You Can Get in the Kitchen (Slideshow)

Hanging out in the kitchen doesn’t mean you have to pack on the pounds

11 Workouts You Can Get in the Kitchen


While you’re drying dishes, for example, take a moment and use the towel to help you stretch out your muscles. Have a minute while your dinner is cooking? Turn up the heat on your workout with Shay’s kitchen sink booty shaper workout that will make your buns look like they are made of steel. These are just a few of the workouts you can get while you’re hanging out in the kitchen. Do a few of these a day and you will be able to officially tell your friends you lost weight just by spending time in the kitchen!

Apple Balance Squat


Grab an apple, or even a plastic cup or plate and place it on the top of your head. Stack feet directly under hips, core engaged and lower hips down and back toward the floor into a squat position. Aim for 10 reps and try not to let the object balancing on your head fall off. If it does, start from one again until you complete 10 perfect reps. 

Rolling Pin Abs


Grab your rolling pin, one end in each hand and come down to the floor in a plank position on your knees. Draw navel in and firmly engage arms and core. Roll the pin out as far as possible while maintaining control, then engage abs to roll the pin back to starting position. Try 10 reps. 

Counter Tricep Dips


Place palms, fingers forward, on the edge of a counter top and walk feet out to a 45-degree angle. Keep core engaged and knees soft while bending elbows backwards for tricep dip. Try 30 reps. (To make this harder, try lifting one foot slightly off the floor for 15 reps, then switch.) 

Paper Plate Pike


Place a paper plate under the ball of each foot and get into a plank position, with shoulders over wrists. Draw navel in toward spine, and using lower abs pull feet toward hands, sending hips up to the sky until you reach a down dog position, then slide both feet back put to plank. Try 10 reps. 

Canned Ab Tilter


Grab two cans of beans or vegetables from the pantry, one in each hand. Stand with feet hips distance apart, knees soft and arms down by sides. Tilt right to left, hinging sideways at the waist, sliding the cans down the outside of your leg, just past your knee. Pretend you are between two panes of glass to avoid tipping forward or back. Try 20 alternating reps. For an extra challenge, try bending your knees, toes slightly pointed outward and try tapping the cans down toward your heels or even the floor. 

Dishtowel Warrior 3


Find a dishtowel, roll it up, and place one end in each hand. Lift arms up, biceps by ears and give the towel a tug, like you are pulling it apart. Maintain tension in the arms and lift right leg up behind you as you lower upper body and arms down until your body is parallel to the floor. Try 10 reps on each side. 

Kitchen Sink Booty Shaper


Place hands, palms down, on the edge of the kitchen sink, bend at the waist bringing your torso parallel to the floor, ears between biceps. Lift your right leg up at a 45-degree angle and pulse your heel up to the ceiling, keep standing with your leg soft. Try 30 reps on each side. For an extra burn, rise up on your toes on the standing leg while pulsing.

Canned Arm Circles


Grab your canned goods again and this time lift arms up straight out to the side, palms down. Keep core engaged, wide stance in the legs with knees soft. Make tiny arm circles forward for 30 reps, then backward for 30 reps. Want more? Try standing on one leg while circling forward, then switch for the reverse. 

Plated Wall Squat


Grab a plate (or two or three if you want a challenge) and find a blank wall. Place back on wall and lower down to a wall squat position. Place plate on top of thighs, making sure your hamstrings are perfectly parallel to the floor. Place hands on hips, straight up overhead. Maintain this perfect 90-degree shape for as long as possible. Aim for at least one minute to start. (Try holding your canned goods and extend arms straight out in front at the same time for a total body challenge.) 

Paper Towel Runners


Take two sheets of paper towel and place balls of feet on the center in a plank position, shoulders over wrists and hips parallel to the floor. Slide right knee up toward chest, then the left. Alternate as fast as possible, without letting your hips lift up. Try 30 alternating reps. 

Side Lunge Sweeper


Find one paper plate or a Swiffer towel, if you have them, and place it under your right foot. Start with feet stacked under hips and carefully slide your right foot out to the side, bend knee into a side lunge, keeping left leg straight. Then pull your right foot back to the start. Try 20 reps on each leg. For a bonus burn, pick up your canned goods and add a bicep curl as you slide out to a lunge.