11 Bizarre Food Obsessions People Actually Have (Slideshow)

We’re not sure anyone is as picky as these people

Eating Anywhere But the Table


This person confessed that she hardly ever eats at the table. In fact, she’s obsessed with eating in bed, and when she doesn’t do that, she’ll just wander around the kitchen eating her meals. Sometimes she’ll even lie on her stomach to eat a meal. We’re not sure that’s great for digestion. 

Addicted to Eating Cat Food


The thing about cat food is that, well, it’s made for cats — but one woman on TLC’s My Strange Addiction showed a preference for cat food over human food. She started out with dry cat treats, but has graduated to wet cat food as well. Luckily, she still shares her food with her 17-year-old cat.

Eating Rocks


This strange eating obsession also comes from My Strange Addiction. The woman on this episode is addicted to eating rocks, and has been doing so for 20 years. She snacks on them every few hours, and enjoys the feeling and the taste of the rocks.

Not Eating Foods that Are White


This person has a strong aversion to foods that are white, referring to the color, not the grain type! That means white bread is off the table, unless it’s toasted till brown, and milk only if there is cereal mixed in to alter the color. 

Only Eating the Crumbs of Chips


Personally, we love when we get to the bottom of the bag of chips and can avalanche the crumbs into our mouths, but this person exclusively eats just the crumbs. They’ll eat all the little pieces in the bag, and then leave the rest of the whole chips for their family. 

Eating Foods in Order from Least Favorite to Favorite


This woman confessed that she always eats the foods that are least favorite on her plate first. Then she’ll move on to the foods she likes more, then ending with her favorite. We’re still deciding on whether this is a smart strategy or not. 

Eating Mattresses


This strange obsession comes yet again from My Strange Addiction. This woman finds the pillow topping of a bed to be particularly delicious, but she’ll eat every part of the mattress, except the springs. 

Eating Grass


Tennis star Novak Djokovic once fell to the ground and started eating grass after he beat competitor Rafael Nadal. But he’s not the only famous figure with a penchant for eating grass. Henry Ford, the creator of Ford Motors, ate weeds from his garden, and even put them in his sandwiches!

Ice Cubes as a Snack


Sure, chewing ice cubes is fun and refreshing, but actress Renée Zellweger actually snacks on them throughout the day. Apparently they keep her full without adding any calories. 

Eating Only One Type of Food


Steve Jobs, who was known for his interesting diet, would only eat one food for weeks on end. One time, he ate so many carrots that his skin turned bright orange — and let’s not forget the man who only ate pizza for 25 years. 

Cheesecake Obsession


Horror novelist Stephen King has to eat a slice of cheesecake before he begins writing for the day. Apparently it gets the creative juices flowing, and clearly it’s been working for him.