10 Worst Food and Drink Super Bowl Commercials (Slideshow)

Game-day advertisement flops so bad you just have to laugh

Pepsi Love Note (1990)

Kind of creepy and too sensual for the young Wonder Year’s star Fred Savage, this commercial is just flat out awkward. Using his Pepsi as an inspiration, Fred writes a love note to his beloved Jenny, using phrases like “I will always thirst for your companionship” and “my love for you can’t be quenched.” It’s all good though, because Jenny totally gets him and finishes reading the note with the statement “I feel like a Pepsi.” Just how every girl wants to be made to feel by her man.

Eat Your Wheaties (1993)

So we all know that Wheaties has been using sports figures as their spokespeople for decades, but this cheesy commercial takes the cake.

Groupon Fish Curry (2011)

Everyone knows you can get a ton of dinner dinner on Groupon, but this Tibetan exploitation ad was really uncomfortable to watch. Timothy Hutton finishes explaining the cultural turmoil in Tibet with a comforting message: who cares so long as you can get a discount on fish curry?

Not So Thrilling Lizards (2008)

These animated lizards for SoBe Lifewater have nothing on our favorite Geico-Aussie one! True they are dancing to a classic tune, but we really don’t understand what this commercial is for. With their blinging grills and sexy human dancer that really has nothing to do with anything, we aren’t sure what we are supposed to do with this information.

Quizno’s Blow Dart (2002)

Toasted or untoasted? Inarguably a long-time debate for sandwich lovers, but seriously, this advertisement for Quizno’s is just awkward and unfunny.

Upsidedown Clown (2003)

Ok, so it was kind of a funny concept, but in the end, the whole thing just proved to be a little too creepy for our taste. A guy taking a huge sip of cold Budweiser through what looks like his butt—doesn’t exactly scream “refreshing.”

Disrespecting the ‘Bird’ (2010)

LeBron James and Dwight Howard battle for a bag of McDonald’s on the court. There are so many things wrong with this sentence it isn’t even funny. First off, we doubt these two super fit, super healthy, rich as anything, star athletes would fight over a bag of McDonald’s. We also highly doubt if Larry Bird came to steal their lunch that they wouldn’t know who he is!

Where’s Herb? (1985)

Burger King’s Super Bowl commercial was beyond a total flop. They were going for mystery and intrigue and instead created a completely nonsensical commercial. Who is herb and more importantly, who cares?

Goat 4 Sale (2011)

Doritos’ commercials aren't exactly known for their artistic finesse. But this commercial involving a murderous, Doritos-eating, screaming goat really was utterly pointless and sort of just made us feel sad for the man who turned to a goat for companionship.

Farting Horse (2004)

Bud Light often has hilarious ads, but this one was just a little too weird. We appreciate that the young lady in this commercial has an appreciation for fine, cheap beer, but really don’t understand the message behind a horse farting in her face.