10 Southern Wedding Traditions Every Bride Will Love

There's just something alluring about the South, isn't there? Sure, it's hot and groggy down there, but the southern United States is filled with elegance, class, and unbreakable rules of etiquette that everyone can expect. Of course, all of these things translate to weddings.

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Southern weddings, like all things in the South, are rooted in tradition. But, even if you're not a true Southerner or are getting married north of the Mason-Dixon line, you can still incorporate Southern elegance into your wedding day.

Some Southern wedding practices, such as bridal portraits, supersized wedding parties, and groom's cakes have already spread across the U.S. But others, such as cake ribbon pulls, pounding parties, and a house party in addition to bridesmaids and groomsmen have yet to break out.

Each Southern wedding tradition, even the more obscure ones, is marked with beautiful symbolism that can be great for every couple and family planning a wedding. Don't believe us? Check out these 10 charming traditions and consider incorporating them into your own wedding day.