10 Real-Life Disney Weddings That Go Beyond the Fairy-Tale (Slideshow)

Even Cinderella would be jealous of these brides

A Fairy-tale Come True...

Some of these weddings were comparatively understated with their references and styling, while others went completely over the top with full-on costumes and wild decorations. No matter how extreme, each one of these weddings had one thing in common: beautiful love stories, just like the films that inspired them. We think that each of these couples is destined for the perfect fairy tale ending.

Disney Princess Spectacular

All we have to say about this wedding is “Wow!” The bride looks beautiful as everyone’s favorite little mermaid, Ariel, and her princess bridesmaids are equally as lovely. And it’s not just the costumes. Every last, tiny detail of this wedding is perfectly Disney. We would have loved to have gone to this wedding!

A Tangled Affair

Tangled is one of Disney’s more recent creations, but this couple didn’t let that stop them from using it as inspiration for their wedding. The stunning lanterns and deep purple bouquet were already enough to snare us, but once we saw the bride’s Rapunzel hairstyle, we knew this was one of the most impressive Disney weddings ever. We have to admit, we are jealous. 

Love at the Disney Resort

Anyone can get married at the Disney Resort if they want to, but not many people do it the way this couple did. Beautiful decorations and tasty Mickey Mouse-shaped treats set this wedding far above the rest. And the best part? Well, that would have to be the groom slipping a lovely white slipper onto his bride’s foot. It’s just too romantic.

Cinderella’s Dream Wedding

Cinderella and Prince Charming are pretty ticked off that their wedding wasn’t as beautiful as this one was. Not only does the bride look like a princess in her baby blue gown, but she and her hubby even got to roll up to the alter in a carriage fit for a royal engagement. And they took their love all over Disney World, sneaking kisses in front of the castle, on the carousel, and in the teacups!

Up, Up, and Away

The first ten minutes of Up contains one of the best love stories any of us have ever seen, and clearly this couple thought so, too. Their wedding mixed tradition with references to the award-winning film, including hundreds of multicolored balloons and a replica of Carl and Ellie’s house as a centerpiece. The result was cute, quirky, and totally romantic.

Snow White and Her Prince

This wedding is one of David Tutera’s masterpieces and aired on My Fair Wedding. He planned a stunning wedding for the bride, who was named after Snow White (her name is Sno. E), and it was complete with a princess gown and a winter setting. Of course the Evil Queen had to make her appearance at the end, But don’t worry, it was only for an interpretive dance that retold the story of Snow White. 

Tale as Old as Time

Beauty and the Beast is one of those films that teach us that love is not only blind, but also unconquerable. This couple really took that lesson to heart when planning their wedding, inspired by the movie. The decorations were by far our favorite part of this wedding, especially the encased rose centerpieces that symbolized Belle and Beast’s everlasting love. 

A Wedding and a Tribute

This couple didn’t take the Disney theme too literally when it came to dress and décor, but what they did do was even more spectacular. Their reception took place in Disney’s California Adventure Animation building, where clips from the couple’s favorite Disney films played in the background. The result was a heartwarming tribute to something they both deeply loved while they celebrated their own love for each other. 

Medley of Love

Disney love stories are set apart from others for a lot of reasons, but the main reason is the music! This couple’s first dance as husband and wife was to a medley of some of Disney’s most iconic tunes. Honestly, watching this, we got a little choked up. You can see the couple’s absolute love for each other, especially when they break out from simple dancing into full-on musical choreography, with a little help from their guests. 

A Whole New World

This couple took their favorite Disney movie, Aladdin, and turned it into a beautiful wedding. Not only did the bride and groom dress up as Jasmine and Aladdin, even the guests got in on the fun, with special appearances from Pocahontas, Esmeralda, and Alice. Disney ladies have to stick together after all. We bet that this couple went off to their honeymoon on a flying carpet.