10 Pimped Out Easter Eggs (Slideshow)

Alan Rabon Carved Emu Eggs

Ok, the emu egg may not be your typical Easter egg. But let's be honest, they give you a much bigger canvas to work with. We love the idea of carving them. Intricate details are gorgeous on such a large egg. 

Geode Easter Eggs

The mix of science and beauty is always a fun one. These geode eggs are a great science experiment for the kids while also being easy on the eggs. 

Mexican Wrestler Eggs

A Mexican wrestler's mask is a sign of respect. When stenciled onto an egg, it's fun, brightly colored and certainly original. 

Battlestar Galactica Eggs

There is always room for pop culture where eggs are concerned. These Battlestar Galactica eggs are a cool spin on the traditional Easter eggs. Your sci-fi guests will thank you for the unique design. 

Knitted Eggs

If you or someone you know happens to be savvy with a pair of knitting needles, ask them to knit you an adorable Easter egg. You can keep them for years to come and add to your collection each holiday. 

Ukranian Beaded Eggs

The detail involved in a Ukrainian beaded egg is just stunning. Having a few for your holiday will really give people something to talk about. 

Lichtenstein Eggs

Lichtenstein eggs make a really fun pop-culture statement. It's something so recognizable, it's worth an Easter tribute. 

LED Easter Eggs

Instead of the standard, Easter Sunday egg hunt, why not have an Easter evening hunt? Make a few of these LED eggs, toss them around the yard and watch as the fun unfolds. 

Dragon Eggs

Maybe you want Easter eggs fit for Kahleesi. If that's the case, give these dragon eggs a whirl. They're unique and you can totally pretend that they are real dragon eggs. 

Polymer Clay Rainbow Eggs

Of course, Easter eggs really need to be colorful and bright. These polymer clay eggs are a pretty and bright alternative to standard eggs while still keeping with normal Easter tradition of bright colors.