10 Perfect Cold-Weather Date Ideas (Slideshow)

For those hearty types undeterred by the cold ice-skating is a great way to warm up the body— and maybe even a relationship skating hand in hand around the rink.  Afterward nothing satisfies like a cup of hot chocolate! Ice-skating and hot chocolate go together like hugs and kisses.

Museum with Destination Restaurant

Museums can be about more than great art or exhibits. There are also corners for stolen kisses. Nowadays, many museums offer high-end destination restaurants as well. So make your museum date about a romantic meal, too. Culture and delicious food, sounds like a date made in heaven. 

Pretend to be Snowed In

What could be more romantic than pretending to be snowed in this Valentine's Day  (or you may actually snowed in, who knows)? It can be the perfect excuse to get all snuggly while enjoying the great indoors. Take it back to childhood by building an adult fort with candles and scents to set the mood. Whip up some stovetop s'mores or some fancy hot chocolate like Mexican hot chocolate or Irish hot chocolate.  Lounge on the couch for some marathon movie watching with a giant bowl of home- popped popcorn. Try white chocolate with Nutella drizzle or Kahlua and espresso caramel corn or even posh caramel corn for some sweet flavor additions, but plain homemade organic popcorn can also do the trick.

Coffee Bar Crawl

A coffee bar crawl is a great way to see what the local coffee shops have to offer and, it is also an offbeat way to keep warm with your boo on Valentine's Day. Make a point of trying out different specialties at each stop, whether it is an unusual latte or new Danish. 

Painting and Wine

They say that drinking lowers your inhibitions, but does it make you more artistic? This Valentine's Day try painting and wine with Colors and Bottles or Pinot's Palette. Unleash that inner Picasso with a little Chardonnay or Malbec. Getting tipsy and see where your creativity leads. Who knows, could make for a perfect date. 


Fondue is made for those cold weather date nights. Heat up with crusty bread dipped in warm flavorful cheese or with toasty marshmallows in decadent chocolate. Sweet or savory, either way a fondue will please. If you feel inspired to leave the house, there are plenty of places that specialize in the warm treat.

Cooking Class or Cocktail Class

There's something truly alluring about watching your partner cook or shake up a cocktail. Cooking or mixology classes are great ways to get closer while learning something new with your sweetheart. On top of making something delicious, you get to stay inside out of the weather, not a bad idea with temperatures well below freezing. 

At-Home Wine Tasting

Explore wine at home together for this Valentine's Day. Sample different grape varieties and learn about, the regions they come from and their histories, and perhaps the two of you may even find a new favorite wine. Staying home as has the benefit of no one having to get behind the wheel.

Baking or Decorating a Cake

Stay warm in the kitchen while creating and decorating your own special holiday treat, a yummy cake. Try your hand at the Valentine's Day staple, a romantic red velvet, or give into your vices with a chocolate whiskey cake or a chocolate molten cake. It could be a messy in the making, but with a sweet ending.

Indoor Picnic

Too cold to picnic outdoors? It most definitely is. Set something up inside. Spread a blanket on the floor of your favorite room.  Maybe put a few pillows or soft cushions around, and add some romantic background music.Pack your picnic basket with delicious bread, meats and cheeses and chocolate dipped figs for dessert and open a bottle of your favorite wine. The scenery might not be as enticing as the park, but look on the bright side, it's warm and you didn't have to lug that basket very far.