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10 Ornaments You'd Rather Eat Slideshow


1. Bacon Ornament

Bring home the bacon this holiday season with a thick-cut slice of meat bedecked in glittery sparkles ready for hanging atop the tree. Because everyone loves bacon, right? ThinkGeek.com, $6.99.

Mitchell Import Company

2. Burger and Fries Ornaments

If bacon wasn’t enough, deck the halls and boughs of the tree with some more beef. Two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, and onions on a sesame seed bun, to be exact (just not as juicy as the real Big Mac, of course). And don’t forget the side of fries... Amazon.com, $16.88.


3. Carrot Ornament

With a top of green leaves and a curling taproot, this glass carrot ornament is realistic enough that Bugs Bunny might reach out and grab a bite. (The taste will surely disappoint, however.) Anthropologie, $8. 


4. Morel Ornament

In the wild, these elusive mushrooms are hard to come by in most parts of the nation, popping up in one place one year, and another the next. But who knew they could grow on firs and spruces? Thanks to a clip-on attachment, this morel is here to stay. Bronners.com, $7.99. 


7. Fig Ornament

This rosy pink fruit, thought to be an aphrodisiac, appears to have been picked at the peak of ripeness — yet, is in fact preserved in glass form and dusted with a light, sparkly coating. Anthropologie, $24. 

6. Cannoli Ornament

Holy cannoli! Is that what I see hanging from the tree? The sugar-coated crisp shell is stuffed with a rich pastry cream and is ready to hang. Don’t feel guilty about indulging in this cannoli this year — we promise it’s truly guilt-free. Bronners.com, $8.99.

Jane Bruce

5. Champagne Bottle

No holiday is complete without a little bubbly. Bubbles in the glass, and bubbles on the tree. If you call Veuve, Mumm, even André, your best friends, this is the ornament for you. Trés chic. Henri Bendel, $20.

Sur la Table

8. Macaron Ornament

When you can’t get your fingers on the real thing from Paris this season (or Boston, for that matter), sacrifice taste and settle on the next best thing (and somewhat more permanent) — a delicate pink macaron ornament complete with a sparkling sandwich filling. It might not taste that good, but it will last a whole lot longer. Sur la Table, $9.95.

Sur la Table

9. Tequila Bottle Ornament

If margarita is your middle name, your holiday tree is not complete without one of these glass tequila bottle ornaments. Can you say oléSur la Table, $16.95.

Jane Bruce

10. Black-and-White Cookie

It’s an iconic, New York deli classic — the black-and-white cookie, with its spongy cake and half-white, half-chocolate glazed top. It’s the perfect way to add little New York to your tree this year, whether you’re from there, live there, or just like eating these sweet and delicious treats. Henri Bendel, $35. Contact them to order.

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