10 Memorable Food Moments on 'Sesame Street' (Slideshow)

Meet us on The Street for some of our favorite food moments

John Leguizamo as Captain Vegetable

You’ve seen him tough and mouthy. You’ve seen him as a drag queen. But when John Leguizamo decided to gussy himself up as Captain Vegetable, a super hero bent on getting kids to eat their greens, it was a side of him we’d never seen before.

Cookie Monster and Wyclef Jean Rap

Some of the best scenes on Sesame Street happen when the lovable, fuzzy characters interact with typically tough celebrities. The healthyfood rap spit by Cookie Monster and Wyclef Jean teaches kids that they can enjoy healthy foods alongside their favorite cookie confections.

Abby Cadabby Eats a Rainbow

Abby Cadabby may be one of the newer Muppets to hit the Street, but when she encourages kids to "eat a rainbow" by trying fruits and vegetables of all colors, our hearts melt from her adorable little song.

Adam Sandler Describes 'Crunchy'

Adam Sandler is known for his sight gags and physical humor. Here, he teams up with Cookie Monster to describe the word "crunchy." His exasperation at Cookie’s interruption is obvious, but the two make peace and crunch together, loudly.

Guy Smiley Introduces Bread

Guy Smiley is Sesame Street’s resident talk show host. On Here Is Your Life, he takes us through bread’s life, from start to finish. 

Cookie Monster Pronounces the Word 'Food'

Leave it to Cookie Monster to teach us all about food — his life revolves around delicious treats. So who better to give us the details on how to pronounce the word in this classic episode?    

Big Bird Visits a Farm

One of the most fundamental food lessons is where food comes from. How do we get the food on our table? Big Bird visits a farm and lays out the basics of farm-to-table. That big yellow bird was way ahead of his time.           

The Monsters Teach Healthy Eating

It seems odd to think of a monster as a hero of sorts. But these monsters, including the charismatic and goofy Telly, use their powers for good while teaching kids about healthy foods. The best part? They do it Jeopardy style with the help of Alex Trebek himself! 

Grover the Waiter

Grover is definitely one of the zaniest characters on Sesame Street. He is also the worst waiter. Be it a fly in the soup or not having any food, Grover always manages to get up to some crazy antics while serving in his recurring waiter skit. 

Try, Try Again

They say that a person needs to try something at least three times before deciding if they like it. It’s not easy for kids, but once they catch a glimpse of Elmo tasting new foods, it will be a cinch to convince them!