Easter Cake from 10 Kid-Friendly Easter Treats

10 Kid-Friendly Easter Treats

Francesca Borgognone

Easter Cake

Decorate a whole cake if you want! Head on over to New York City’s Make Meaning and create a unique cake, in 4-, 6-, or 8-inch sizes. Get crafty with different colors, sugar decals, and cut-outs.



Birds Nest

Children are never really granola-crazed. With that said, throw in a little egg-shaped chocolate and a bit of honey and slip the idea under their nose with this spring-themed treat

B.Inspired, Mama!

Bunny Pretzel Treats

These character pretzels from B.Inspired, Mama! are quick, easy, and so adorable. Just add together two different shaped pretzels, a Hershey kiss, and a few M&M's, and you're in business. 

Brown Paper Packages

Oreo Chicks

Sweet and salty, these chicks from Brown Paper Packages will leave your kids saying "peep" even after the holiday is over. The best part about them? They can stand on their own two… pretzel feet. 


Brown Paper Packages

Bunny Bait

Are the kids eager for the Easter Bunny? Have them lure him to the house with this treat from Brown Paper Packages. Filled with all the things that make a little rabbit thump away, it will make for a great afternoon snack. 



Cupcake Bar

Bake Cupcakes of all flavors and be prepared to spring into fun mode. Dye vanilla frosting in all different pastel colors and have the little ones make their own masterpieces with holiday candy. 


Savor the Thyme

Crispy Rice Pops

Not your average cake pop, these cereal pops by Savor the Thyme are crunchier and filled with peanut butter. What a way to start a day or a holiday. 


Stop Lookin' Get Cookin'

Carrot Pound Cake

Not your average vegetable, this carrot from Stop Lookin' Get Cookin' is filled with pound cake, coated in chocolate and dipped in crunchy crumbled Oreos. Sounds just like the real thing, right? 



Justice League Eggs

Have a super hero lover in your house? Thought so — tell them to set his powers to infinity and beyond when decorating eggs this year. 


Mommy Savers

Easter S'mores

Take this campfire staple and make it even more loved — with a bunny s’mores kit like this one from Mommy Savers. The kit includes graham crackers, Easter M&M’s, and, you guessed it, Peeps!


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