10 Great Games For New Year's Slideshow

Past Year Charades

Nothing is more classic then a good ol' game of charades. For your party, try mixing up this old favorite by building it around a theme in 2011. Movies, songs, or major events serve as great topics to act out in homage to the past year.

Resolution Guessing Game

In this fun, intimate guessing game, have guests write down three New Year's resolutions. After splitting off into two teams, have each team member try to guess which resolution belongs to which person on the opposite team.

Red Envelope Game

Inspired by the Chinese tradition of children receiving elaborate red envelopes with money for the new year, this game will have your guests walking away with a sweet prize.

Have everyone contribute to the cash pile and fill one envelope with money. The rest can be filled with little trinkets. Blindfold each participant and have them take the first envelope they touch, and start off someone's new year with the promise of good fortune this holiday.


So, you're not into a rambunctious evening or standing out in the cold waiting for a ball to drop. Why not have an intimate gathering with your favorite wines and a board game based around your beverage of choice?

In Wineopoly, players will buy favorite wines, collect grape bunches, and trade them in for decanters. Add challenges like import taxes and serving faux pas, and this new twist on an old classic makes for a perfect New Year's Eve board-game night.

Time's Up Board Game

Appropriately named, as you count down the minutes to the new year, Time's Up's simple rules make for an exciting party game for teams of two or more. A set of famous names is used for three rounds, wherein teams challenge each other to guess, dishing out clues as to who their people are. As the rounds progress, the clue-giving gets more challenging.

Beer Olympics

When you get down to it, New Year's Eve is about celebrating the coming year with rosy cheeks and blackmail to last the next 365 days. Want good stories? Set up drinking game stations throughout the house and have two teams compete in college dorm favorites like beer pong and flip cup. Let the debauchery begin.

Spin the Bottle

Everyone deserves a little lovin' on New Year's Eve, so rekindle the classic kissing game. Spin the Bottle hits a whole new level with the Pix NTray version.

With the bottle in the center of the revolving card-holder tray, have the first spinner take a whirl. Everyone picks up a card, and the one with a special marking on it gets kissed. Change it up by writing challenges and taking turns spinning. The more comfortable you are with your group, the wilder the challenges can get.

Perfected Piñata

Add a little silly fun to your New Year's Eve bash with a festive piñata. Fill the piñata with noisemakers, trivia, candy, and confetti to burst open at the stroke of midnight. Your guests will love the party supplies and the valiant attempts at being the party hero who smashes in the piñata.

Pin the Kiss

Kissing at the stroke of midnight gets a bit more interesting. A new twist on an old favorite, pinning kisses on loved ones is an adult take on pin the tail on the donkey.

Simply buy kiss stickers, blindfold players, and spin them around three times. With loved ones standing around the player in a circle, the blindfolded smoocher will stick a kiss on the first person they find. Participants have to share a New Year's Eve kiss (on the cheek or otherwise) once the player is unmasked.

New Year’s Eve Power Hour

Any drinker and avid YouTube watcher will tell you what a great combination a tasty alcoholic beverage and a funny power hour are. Take power hour to the next level and make your own!

While there are ways to make your own with already existing YouTube sensations, why not personalize it? Using any free slideshow software, compile pictures of you and your friends to pair with meaningful songs. As the memories of 2011 flick by, take a swig of your drinks and revel in the memories.