10 Gifts Every College Freshman Needs for Their Dorm Room (Slideshow)

Don’t let your grad go off to college without these great gifts

Mini Burner

Your graduate won’t likely be able to take this into a dorm room, but if they have access to a communal kitchen or are renting a room in a shared apartment, this could be a useful gift.

A single burner will allow them to fry eggs, make grilled cheeses, or heat up soup for a quick bite to eat between classes without disturbing roommates. 

Coffee Maker

Trust us: no college kid will survive their higher education without a coffee maker. From the late night study sessions to the early exams, a coffee maker will save them from having to scrape together coins to pay for coffee on the way to class. 

Mini Microwave

If you graduate doesn’t have a full kitchen in their dorm, a mini microwave will come in handy. Whether they are heating up a quick dinner or reheating lunch, a compact microwave will save them space and cash in the long run!

Fasta Pasta

No oven? No problem! Well, that is if you want to cook pasta. This nifty little gadget allows them to ditch the ramen and elevate their cuisine to spaghetti for their next dinner.

Mini Fridge


This mini fridge is perfect for all of the sodas and water bottles they’ll be storing. Yeah, that’s right, “sodas and water bottles” ...


Maybe your graduate will miss all of those fresh eggs mom used to cook. Well they don’t have to go without. Not only does a Rollie cook eggs, it also makes pizza rolls, cinnamon rolls, burritos, and more, making it a versatile gift. 

Serving Set

It may seem obvious, but a college bound kid needs something to eat on. You don’t want to get them a super nice set just yet, so this compact and functional serving set will work just fine until they get their own place. 

Rapid Ramen Cooker

Because honestly, it is so ironic and great you can’t not get this funny gift for your graduate!

Hot Pot

This dorm-safe appliance is great not only for warm tea, but for cooking cheap college food effectively! Really, what more could a college freshman want? 

Elite Cuisine 3-in-1 Breakfast Center

If your graduate is bound for apartment living or an elevated dorm situation, this nifty gadget is great. Not only can you cook breakfast, you can have your coffee and toast your bagel all without getting in a roommate's way!