10 Gadgets to Improve Your Parties (Slideshow)

Throw a smooth, savvy soirée with these cool gadgets

Electric Corkscrew with Digital Thermometer ($49.95)

Even with a corkscrew, popping the top is a skill some of us simply aren’t equipped with. Let this electric corkscrew do the job for you and then some. Equipped with blue LEDs for extra panache, this corkscrew also sports a digital thermometer. This way, you can keep your whites and reds at their respective optimum temperatures for deliciousness. That’s some impressive precision and convenience for just 50 bucks.

Jawbone Jambox Speaker (starting at $179)

A fantastic playlist is only as good as the speakers it’s pushed through. If you plan to use your laptop’s speakers, think again before having company, and consider the Jawbone Jambox. Starting at $179, this wireless speaker is compatible with any Bluetooth-ready device from up to 33 feet away. Jawbone promises 10 hours of continuous playback on a charge, too, so the Jambox should last as long as your guests do.

Brookstone Iceless Wine Chiller ($99.99)

This device might be a wine "chiller," but this gadget is capable of warming your reds, too. There’s no longer a need for ice — just place your bottle of bubbly into the chiller, select your temperature, and wait for the tone to tell you when it’s ready. You could just look for yourself, though, thanks to the chiller’s backlit LED screen. Being a wino just got a whole lot more sophisticated. 

Vinotemp Mini Keg Beer Dispenser ($283)

Perhaps some of your guests prefer the bold, smooth taste of a craft stout over the currant notes of a cabernet. In that case, this advanced tap might be in order. While on the steep side in price, this stylish beer dispenser will serve brisk brew through kegs up to 5 liters. Equipped with CO2 cartridges (three included), this tap also regulates your pour to hopefully quell enormous foamy heads. Vinotemp promises that this dispenser runs quietly, so you might have to point this one out to your homebrewer buddies.

BenQ W1070 ($999)

Sometimes, it’s just best to let the technology do all the entertaining. This relatively affordable projector puts out a 1080p-image at up to 200 inches. That is, of course, if you have the room to support it. If not, then prepare for some potential extra expenses and preparation. But don’t worry, follow this guide and you’ll be watching 200 inches worth of Blade Runner (the final cut, of course) in no time.

iPhone Horn Speaker ($2.78)

Want to enhance your party’s sound system on the cheap… like, the super cheap? Then pick up one of these bad boys for less than $3. Using nothing more than natural acoustics, this horn speaker amplifies your iPhone’s audio output considerably. We wouldn’t recommend this for powering an elaborate Labor Day barbecue, but it might do the trick for smaller gatherings, like a technologically superior wine tasting, for instance.

International Dance Party (Available for Rent)

So, you’re throwing something big — no, something huge — to cap off the summer or ring in the new year. DJs are too expensive and often lack quality control. Enter the International Dance Party, a DJ in a box, so to speak. Available for rent at varying rates, this technological marvel features motion sensors, so that it only plays tunes as long as people are dancing. Oh, and it comes with strobe lights, a police beacon, a fog machine, lasers, and more.

Emergency Party Button (Cost Varies)

If one look at a soldering iron and a bunch of circuit boards makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, then you’re not far from an instant party. For a cool $600 or so, you can create a party that activates with the press of a button — a big, red button. This builder’s party button turns off the lights, closes the blinds, and activates laser lights, strobes, and a fog machine. And, of course, this is accompanied by Haddaway’s "What Is Love?" So, the possibilities are pretty much endless.

Waring Pro WPM25 Popcorn Maker ($79.95)

Fluffy, crunchy kernels from the microwave simply don’t come close to the real deal. It’s why we spend $10 on popcorn at the theater. Capable of making 8 cups of the good, buttery stuff per batch, the Waring Pro comes with a removable bowl. Plus, its kettle and door detach for cleaning. This classic kettle popcorn maker is a must-have for your next Lord of the Rings director’s cut marathon party.

Karaoke USA GF829 ($189.99)

For some, it’s just not a party without severe inebriation and a microphone. This karaoke machine — with DVD, CDG, and MP3G (USB or SD card) sources — comes with two microphones, to encourage duets of course. This model is also equipped with analog echo control for those golden moments in tone deafness. Better yet, the designated driver can cue an exit to the front door with the included remote control.