10 Funniest TV Thanksgiving Scenes (Slideshow)

From the modern to the classic, these TV shows have us cracking up about Thanksgiving


The gang of How I Met Your Mother is thankful for one thing: the return of Slapsgiving. Each of the five friends bands together in hopes to take Barney down with the most wicked slap they can conjure up. Of course this turns the group against each other in a battle over who will do the honors first. 

Thanksgiving Food Fight

When the meal proves to be less than artfully cooked on Thanksgiving, the Cheers gang are at each other’s throats about cold mashed potatoes and "stupid" turkey. That is, of course, until the ultimate food fight ensues! Maybe they should stick to the bar and stay out of the kitchen... 

Carve the Turkey

When the Huxtables sit down to a Thanksgiving meal, you know that there will be a mix of tenderness and laughter. After taking what seems like forever to get through the family’s list of what they are thankful for, it is finally time to carve the turkey. Theo eagerly takes the honor of carving the turkey, only to mock Dr. Huxtable throughout the whole process.   

Disabled Turkey

When Timmy picks the "Charlie Brown" of all turkeys for the Thanksgiving pageant, the South Park gang is a little more than peeved. But Gobbles the disabled turkey’s near humane death experience proved to be reason enough to choose him. 

A Bundy Thanksgiving

When you are Married with Children like Al Bundy, Thanksgiving is just another failure. But when the neighbors are in a pinch for a Thanksgiving turkey and Kelly comes home with a live one, the Bundy’s natural grubbiness kicks in just in time for everyone to be thankful they aren’t a real family. 

A Religious Debate

Didn’t the Bunkers get the memo? You don’t talk about religion or politics at dinner. When Edith and Archie got to Mike and Gloria’s house for Thanksgiving dinner, they get in an all-out brawl over raising the baby Gloria is expecting as a Christian — which incidentally makes for pretty hilarious table fodder. 

Happy Thanksgiving Charlie Brown

It just isn’t a holiday without a Charlie Brown cartoon! The gang knocks all of the traditions out of the park, from the Thanksgiving football game to a classic turkey dinner. 

Battle of the Sexes

When Martin challenges Gina to a Thanksgiving battle of the sexes cooking war, all bets are off. We get to watch an entire hilarious episode of wisecracks, and kitchen nightmares explode just in time to the holiday dinner. 

The Miracle of Thanksgiving: ‘Full House’

What happens when three men taking care of three young ladies are left to manage Thanksgiving dinner when grandmom is snowed in? "The Miracle of Thanksgiving" on Full House! The guys and little ladies hilariously try to cook Thanksgiving dinner without a clue as to how to even turn the oven on! Sure there are a few sappy moments, but with Uncle Joey, Uncle Jesse, and Danny Tanner at the helm of the kitchen, how could there not be a few laughs along the way?

Roseanne’s Thanksgiving

What is Thanksgiving without a little self-loathing and family bashing? In typical Roseanne style, their holiday is plagued by nagging, whining, complaining, and verbal abuse. One view of the episode and you’ll be cracking up, or crying, at your family’s quirky similarities.