10 Foods That Are Highest In Cholesterol (Slideshow)

Butter, the key ingredient to so many savory and sweet dishes, is unfortunately a huge cholesterol offender.

"Butter contains lots of fats — animal fats — and these contain lots of cholesterol and can be very atherogenic," shares Dr. Campbell. "You can use non-butter alternatives such as olive oil, soy oil, coconut oil."

Cholesterol: 488 milligrams per 1 cup 

Rib-Eye Steak

Not all cuts of beef are the same. A rib-eye steak could cost you a lot of points in cholesterol count.

"Rib-eye steak is a very marbled cut with lots of animal fat that contains lots of cholesterol. Eating a leaner cut such as a filet mignon or New York strip is a better alternative," Dr. Campbell informs us. "Certainly we all like red meat but we must eat red meat in moderation. Chicken, fish, and even lean cuts of pork may be a better alternative."

Cholesterol: 160 milligrams per 8 ounces


OK, so we know baked goods are never necessarily good for you. But did you know that processed, manufactured goodies like muffins and commercial cookies could create high bad cholesterol levels? At 34 milligrams of cholesterol a pop, we think it's better to steer clear of these breakfast treats.

Cholesterol: 34 milligrams per 1 medium muffin

Fried Chicken Wing

"Anytime we fry foods we are exposing the meat to large amounts of fats in the oils in which they are fried," says Dr. Campbell. After all, only lonely chicken wing accounts for 27 milligrams of cholesterol. "A good alternative to fried chicken wings would be to remove the skin, season, and bake. They can still taste good and be spicy, but by removing the skin and baking you significantly reduce the cholesterol and fat."

Cholesterol: 27 milligrams per 1 medium wing


Though it may be the fanciest roe in the sea, caviar's elevated cost isn't the only thing that is high about it. For those who love to slather it on crackers at the company holiday party, you may want to hold back — this delicacy can account for 94 milligrams of cholesterol per 1 lonely tablespoon!

Cholesterol: 94 milligrams per 1 tablespoon

Cheddar Cheese

Cheddar's cholesterol count of 29 milligrams per 1 ounce might not seem so high, but because cheese is usually consumed in much larger quantities (think pasta dishes, cheese boards, and 12-inch hoagies) you could easily rack up high levels of cholesterol-filled cheese.

Cholesterol 29 milligrams per 1 slice (1 ounce

Egg Yolks

The egg may be edible and incredible with tons of other attractive health benefits, but one thing it is not is cholesterol-friendly. "Egg yolks are very cholesterol dense, with lots of animal fat," confirms Dr. Campbell. "A great alternative is an egg-white omelette — you still get the egg taste and lots of protein without all of the cholesterol."

Cholesterol 184 milligrams per 1 egg yolk


Though low in fat and fantastic for cocktail parties, these crackable favorites can quickly add up to a high amount of cholesterol in one sitting — especially alongside other cholesterol-filled shell fish. 

Cholesterol: 96 milligramsg per 1 medium crab

Chicken Liver

"Any organ meat such as liver, or pancreas, is very laden with animal fat and cholesterol," says Dr. Campbell. "There are no real alternatives to these delicacies, but if you would like to have them do so in moderation — portion control is key."

Cholesterol: 160 milligrams per 1 ounce

Rich Vanilla Ice Cream

You may actually scream for ice cream with these numbers. Did you know that 98 milligrams of cholesterol are hiding inside the ripples of only half a cup of vanilla ice cream? Imagine what eating a sundae would mean for your body!

Cholesterol: 98 milligrams per 1/2 cup