10 Food-Themed Christmas Lights (Slideshow)

Make your favorite food shine with these hilarious lights

Popsicle Lights

These frosty little Popsicle lights are deliciously adorable. Our only concern is that they’re so adorable, they might accidentally (on purpose) find their way to someone else’s house after a party! Pick these up at Anthropologie for $24. 

Diet Coke Lights

Thanks Urban Outfitters! You understand our needs. This time, we really, really needed a string of lights to show our Diet Coke obsession love. These would be awesome to drape over a cooler at a party to indicate where the sodas were located! Urban Outfitters offers these lights for $24. (They also offer regular Coke, in case you aren’t a Diet fan!)

Pizza Lights

Picture this: your food-loving friend has recently installed their own wood-burning pizza oven in the backyard. Said friend invites people over for a pizza party. Do you A) bring a congratulations card, B) bring a bottle of Costco wine, or C) bring them some awesome themed décor for their pizza-making area? The answer of course is D) all of the above. Start with these adorable cheesy little lights for only $21.95.

Margarita Lights

No fiesta would be complete without margaritas! How about saving yourself a few calories and using some margarita-themed décor instead? They go great with chips and salsa, we promise. These cute little lights are a bargain at only $8.50. 

Chile Pepper Lights

Nothing, and we mean nothing, beats the classic chile pepper lights. These workhorses of the lighting world work for pretty much any occasion. (We think they do, anyway!) They're quirky, spicy, and versatile, and Urban Outfitters offers this multi-colored version for only $20

Cupcake Lights

The cupcake trend is still everywhere. Everywhere. Now as well as lighting up your life with sugar and spice and everything nice, they can light up your room as well! These lights are a sweet treat for the sweetie in your life, food lover or otherwise, at only $19.95 per set. 

Candy Cane Lights

'Tis the season and all that! Sometimes more holiday cheer is needed; plain Christmas lights just won’t do it. That’s when you can reach for these seriously Christmas-y lights. Whether they go on a tree, around a window, or over a kiddo’s bed to help them dream of sugar plums dancing, they’re an adorable steal at only $18.95.

Pineapple Lights

In these winter months, we often fantasize about laying on a beach with a piña colada somewhere warm and sunny. You might not be able to jet away for a long weekend in the sun, but some pineapple lights might make you feel a little sunnier! Maybe this calls for a winter luau, and $17.95 gets you a string of these sweet tropical lights. 

Vegetable Lights

Maybe you need a visual reminder to eat healthier this winter. You’re burned out on eggnog and candy canes and need an infusion of vitamins and mineral. These vegetable lights will remind you to reach for the lettuce and tomatoes a little more often and are pretty darn cute. Just $19.95 gets you one string and a lot of motivation!

Peppermint Candy Lights

If you need one final touch on your holiday decorating, check out these adorable bite-sized peppermint candy lights! There’s a reason we love Target: They have everything we need and then some. These lights are also a steal at only $6.98 and would look great wrapped around a wreath.