10 Coolest Cookie Cutter Sets (Slideshow)

Forget Frosty the Snowman and Santa cutouts — these are way cooler!

3-D Dinosaur Cutters

Suck Ik

3-D cookie cutters exist! How was this an unknown fact before right now? Not only do they exist, but they come in dinosaur shapes. We can’t even. Throw a Santa hat on these dudes and you’re looking at some prize-winning holiday snacks. Rawr! 

Pug Cookie Cutter


Pugs! They’re wrinkly adorable little clowns that obviously need to be memorialized in cookie form. These cute little cutters from Etsy can be personalized with your pet’s name, too! Some other breeds are available, too, as well as bone shapes and paw prints. 


Fred and Friends

Plain old gingerbread men are so out. Ninjamen are way more badass! Roundhouse-kick your cookies’ cool factor up and decorate these dudes with some royal icing and candies. Also, they can serve as an awesome to accent your gingerbread house

'Doctor Who' Set

Warzone Prints

For the Doctor Who fan who has it all, this cookie cutter set will be a huge hit. The set includes a Cyberman head, a Dalek, the Tardis, a Weeping Angel, and an Adipose. Your holiday guests will delight in eating some the most vile villains of the series. Just DON’T BLINK!


World Market

Obviously mustaches were going to make an appearance on this list. The photo booth possibilities of mustache cookies alone are staggering! Plus, how much fun would mustache cookies be to decorate? What a hit for a cookie decorating party!

Sherlock and Watson

Warzone Prints

These Sherlock-themed cookie cutters are, let’s face it, a necessity for the third season premiere in February. No viewing party would be complete without cookies shaped like Sherlock and Watson’s faces. Nerdily delicious!



No awesome cookie cutter roundup would be complete without zombies. Our first idea when these popped up? Mix the zombies in with some regular gingerbread men who will be decorated like the survivors from The Walking Dead. Or make a prison gingerbread house. Awesomeness will ensue!

Wild Animals


These cookie cutters are just plain adorable, not in the least because this set includes a hedgehog! Hedgehogs are awesome, so we know this will help your cookies awesome factor rise. The set also includes a snail (!), a bear, a fox, a squirrel, and a moose. While not sold on Ikea’s website, they’re just a quick stop away at Ikea stores. 

Day of the Dead Sugar Skulls

Fancy Flours

Sugar skulls seem to be everywhere these days, so why not incorporate them into your baking this season? Sugar skulls are so colorful, so these would make for some great decorating material!

'Game of Thrones' Sigil Set

Warzone Prints

Finally, someone understood our wants and needs and made Game of Thrones cookie cutters. Cut out, bake, decorate, and nibble while despairing that the books will be finished in our lifetime. Perhaps someone should gift these to George R.R. Martin to motivate and inspire him!