10 Christmas Commercials (Slideshow)

Santa is known for the twinkle in his eye, his jolly laugh, and his penchant for products

Summertime Santa

Evidently, when Santa and Mrs. Claus go on vacation, they let their hair down. Despite Santa’s seeming exclusive deal with Coke, in the summer, the big guy pushes for Pepsi to quench his summertime thirst. 

Pillsbury Santa

It doesn’t get much cuter than this classic Pillsbury commercial. As the Doughboy reads a Christmas bedtime story to his friend, he hears Santa sneaking into the house to deliver presents. Much to the Doughboy’s surprise, after Santa discovers the cookies they baked for him and gives him an iconic poke in the belly, he receives a special present from Santa himself!

Yogi Santa

Forget milk and cookies, this Santa is looking to pump you up! Before he indulges in any Subway sandwich activity, Santa ditches the jolly gut for a trim yogi body. 

Santa’s Helper

When Santa is stuck and doesn’t know what to get everyone on his lists, clearly he goes to Hickory Farms. It's OK Santa, we’ve all been there. 

Get Skinny Santa

A few years after Santa cheated on Coke, he did it again with Pepsi Max. After Santa can’t fit down the chimney, instead of the cookies he reaches for the zero-calorie soda, much to a little girl’s dismay. 

Scary Taco Bell

This vintage Taco Bell ad centers around the "12 Glasses of Christmas" promotion in which Santa tried to lure people back to Taco Bell with the promise of "collector" items. Tacos turn Santa slightly demonic by the end of the commercial, with a particularly creepy laugh. 

Got Milk?

What can turn Santa into a Grinch? Forgetting the milk to his cookies! In this Got Milk? commercial, Santa exacts revenge on a family who forgot to leave milk in the fridge. 

Coke Packs

Santa has been drinking Coca-Cola for decades, and despite his indiscretions with Pepsi, Santa with a Coke bottle is almost as iconic as the man himself!

Mall Santa

Do yourself a favor: if you are going to leave Oreos out for Santa Claus, leave him the whole thing. It seems kind of rude to eat the cream and leave the cookie. 

M&M Believer

When our favorite big red guy and our favorite little red guy discover that the other one is real, it makes for an adorable holiday commercial that was quotable for years.