10 Cartoon Foods We Wish Were Real (Slideshow)

From the hilarious to the delicious, we wish these cartoon foods were real

Ninja Turtles’ Pizza

Four Italian-American turtles in New York City who love pizza probably know where to get the best slice in the city. The pizza always looks so delicious, loaded with extra cheese and pepperoni. Plus, they seem to eat endless amounts of it while staying in amazing ninja shape.

Cookie Monster’s Cookies

He loves these cookies so much that he is officially named after them. That’s dedication, and probably a testament to just how delicious those cookies must be. While watching Cookie Monster stuff his face, we can’t help but think about getting our own hands on some delectable, perfectly crispy homemade chocolate chip cookies.

Homer Simpson's Donuts

Homey's pink frosted donuts with sprinkles always look like the perfect yeast donut. And if the way he plows through them is any indication of how delicious they are, we definitely want one.

SpongeBob’s Krabby Patties

The Krusty Krab, the Shake Shack of the sea, sells these delicious-looking cheeseburgers. Prepared fresh to order by fry-cook SpongeBob and made with a secret formula (something called King Neptune's Poseidon Powder), these are the most coveted cheeseburgers among all undersea creatures. They're so good, an entire plot line is based on a competitor (Plankton) trying to steal the secret formula to help his own struggling restaurant. With only one location in the entire ocean, imagine how long the lines get! We'd gladly wait to try one.

Garfield's Lasagna

Given how delicious real-life lasagna is, we can’t imagine how decadent and amazing Garfield’s lasagna must be if he is constantly scarfing down as many slices as her can!

Chef's Chocolate Salty Balls

Not only is this the best dirty food pun since Alec Baldwin’s "Schweddy Balls" on SNL, but as South Park's Chef describes the ingredients for these delicious balls in his catchy song, we can’t help but think about how amazing they would be. Cinnamon, egg whites, melted butter, flour, unsweetened chocolate, brandy, sugar and vanilla, and of course, salt — what’s not to love?

Dagwood Bumstead's Sandwiches

Made famous in the Blondie cartoon strip, Dagwood is well known for his ultimate, multi-layered sandwiches. When Dagwood raids the fridge, he makes some of the most crazy-delicious sandwiches we’ve ever seen; tons of meat (at least five different kinds, including bacon), cheeses, and vegetables piled so high we don’t even know how he takes a bite!

The Princess and the Frog New Orleans’ Cuisine

In the newest version of this Disney film, Tiana has a lifelong dream of becoming a chef/owner of her own restaurant in New Orleans. She is a native to NOLA, and learns how to make traditional gumbo from her father, plus beignets and banana French toast. In the end, she does end up with her own place — and we wish we could go there!

Sleeping Beauty’s 16th Birthday Cake

This 16-layer cake made by the fairies for Aurora’s 16th birthday looks absolutely decadent. Made with eggs, flour, butter, sugar, a little magic, and copious amounts of blue frosting, we’ll take a slice... or five.

The Ratatouille in 'Ratatouille'

All of the French food in this movie looks absolutely amazing, but one dish in particular stands out: the movie’s namesake. When Remy makes ratatouille for notoriously vicious food critic Anton Ego, Anton is transported back to his French childhood with one bite. He is so enamored with it, his personality actually changes; he becomes kinder and more gentle. It’s that amazing.