10 Brilliant Food-Inspired Kids Halloween Costumes Slideshow

Oompa Loompa

A maroon shirt, white overalls, and some orange body paint — or dare we say bronzer — will turn your toddler into an oompa loompa in minutes. Spray-paint their hair green and stuff their pockets with Wonka candy and they'll be ready to go. 

Morton Salt Girl

This is a great parent and child costume that's super easy to make. Nothing is cuter than or as iconic as the Morton Salt girl. As for you dad or mom — ouch. 

Spaghetti and Meatballs

Don't you want to eat this up? Us, too. Yarn, felt, and a bowl with a cutout in the middle are the key to this adorable and delicious spaghetti and meatballs costume. 


This one is super inventive. If you have other kids in tow while trick-or-treating, put your baby in the carrier and create some carnival fare with a little felt, a bowtie, and yes, popcorn kernels.


This costume is ideal for a toddler because it looks even cuter when they're crawling. Create a shell from felt and a onesie and fill it with "greens, cheese, and tomato" felt fixings to create some fantastic Mexican food.


This just might be the cutest costume we've ever seen — create a sushi platter with your child and their cousins or friends who are around the same age with this platter package. 


Another creative concept, this one is for the sandwich loving family — a BLT. Perfect for a larger family, easy to make, and it will also be helpful if you lose your kids in a crowd. You know you don't have everyone if the sandwich isn't complete. 

Cotton Candy

Cotton balls, a cone, and some pink airbrushing — that's all it takes to go from a girl to a sweet treat


Is she a grande or a venti? For the extreme coffee-loving parents, turn your kids into your morning Starbucks order — don't forget to mark the side with your special instructions. 

Jelly Beans

Great for the kid with a sweet tooth, this costume requires a clear bag and some colorful balloons. That is all.