Entertain with Iced Tea

Kick off June and National Iced Tea Day with these go-to recipes

Grab a glass of iced tea in the hot, hot heat with these recipes!

We’ve talked a lot about summer's favorite pastimes like burgers, ice cream, and parties galore. But what is one thing that is an absolute warm-weather must? A chilled, refreshing, cool glass of iced tea. 

While Southerners enjoy a classic pitcher of sweet tea, and juice fanatics may love green tea, there are tons upon tons of varieties to choose from. We thought it best to round them up, not just for the hot heat approaching, but for National Iced Tea Day coming up June 10! 

When entertaining, it’s always really nice to display beverages in clear canisters, especially if they're filled with bright liquids and packed with fruits or herbs. Look for one like this from Sandra Lee to show off your sips to guests.

Also, iced tea is perfect as a cocktail, too! There are plenty of ways to spike the refreshing drink, beyond the Long Island iced tea.

Raspberry Iced Tea




Peach Iced Tea






Minted Iced Tea Cooler Recipe






Long Island Iced Tea Jelly Shot Recipe