English Wine-Seller Uses Prince Harry's Nude Photos for Wine Labels

A Cotswolds wine company is using the scandalous images of Prince Harry for a new rosé (and is making bank)

A (censored) look at the Prince Harry-inspired wine.

At least it's a step up from a Hitler wine label: an English wine company has taken Prince Harry's naked gaffe in Las Vegas and turned it into a fruitful new venture, a naked-Prince Harry-themed wine. 

As soon as the royal's little slip-up was exposed to the world, Peter Creek of Sheldon's Wine Cellars was whipping up a new wine label featuring Harry, reports the Cotswold Journal. After all, a royally embarrassing moment had to end up on Sheldon's Royal Blush wine. The wine company and artist Dan Lacey quickly drafted a cartoon image of Prince Harry's snafu and put the bottles on shelves. 

Apparently, the marketing move is working; Creek told the Cotswold Journal that sales of the rosé are up 200 percent. Said Creek, "We haven’t done anything like this before but we thought this merited a bit of fun and was too good an opportunity to miss." 

So far, Prince Harry and Buckingham Palace haven't requested a bottle, but you can get one for a cool £7.50. The 2011 French rosé is a " vivid pale strawberry pink with aromas of crushed red berries," according to Sheldon's website. It's a limited-edition label, so get your hands on it while you still can. 

Speaking of that Hitler wine, Creek apparently has no plans to extend his Prince Harry series with a label based on the young royal's 2005 escapade, in which he was photographed at a house party in Wilsthire wearing a Nazi uniform.