The elements of a successful tailgate party

The elements of a successful tailgate party

A tailgate party usually takes place around the tailgate of a vehicle and is usually an open social event. People attending such a party are said to be tailgating. Most of these tailgate parties take place in the stadium parking lots and arena normally before a concert or a game. A few tailgate parties can take place after the game, although this is quite rare. Tailgate parties are celebrations that occur before several sporting events, such as soccer, hockey, baseball and basketball kick off. Tailgate parties have provided a suitable avenue for coaches and parents to build support for their athletic program from the local communities. Given the benefits of a tailgate party, it is important to understand the elements that will help in throwing a successful one in the future.

Food and drinks

A tailgate party will be boring without music and dancing. Most people will bring stereo equipment, radio and portable TVs for entertainment. These play loud music to set the party mood. Picnic foods are the best for any tailgate party since they are easier to prepare and serve. These include sandwiches, baked beans, canned fish, hamburger, hotdogs, potato salad and coleslaw. Barbeques are also great for any tailgate parties and include any meat products, such as chicken, lamb and beef.
A tailgate party will be incomplete without drinks—both alcoholic and non alcoholic. As earlier stated, these parties normally take place before the start of sporting activities. It is therefore wise to alternate non-alcoholic drinks with alcohol. This will prevent the fans from becoming too drunk, which normally results in senseless fights and arguments. The whole essence of these parties is to let the fans have a little fun to psyche up for the games and not to miss out on the games due to excessive drinking. Some people also enjoy watching games with their kids, so non-alcoholic drinks are a must have.


Apart from the music, food and drinks, tailgate party games are another important aspect to ensure everyone enjoys themselves. There are many tailgate games such as flip cup, cornhole, beer pong and ladder toss that can help people to socialize and get to know one another. There are also many lawn games, such as sholf, polish horseshoes and golf that revelers can indulge in during the party. These games are easy to play since they require simple materials.


Plastic utensils are the best for a tailgate party instead of glass and china plates, which break easily. Buy disposable spoons, knives, cups, plates and forks to avoid cleaning up after the party. These disposable utensils are also easy to transport and very affordable. If you are serving grilled chicken, steak or ribs, do not forget the serrated metal knives since plastic knives cannot cut meat into smaller pieces. Serving equipment such as tongs, serving spoons and dishes are also very vital. Do not forget to pack sanitary wipes, paper towels and a plastic trash bag to keep the environment clean. A bottle or a can opener and a corkscrew are important for opening beer bottles and cans.

Furniture and equipment

Although a tailgate party takes place around the back of the car, it is hard to juggle all these things without a table. You can place a food, utensils and drinks on the table, which makes serving much easier. A plastic table and chairs are ideal for a tailgate party. A cooler is a must-have as it keeps all the drinks and water cold throughout the party. Most people use either gas or charcoal grills for the tailgate party. If you are using a charcoal grill, make sure you carry enough charcoal to grill the food and keep it warm till the end. For a gas grill, ensure the propane tank is ful and don't forget the lighter!

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