El Centro Dos Opens In Boston

Staff Writer
El Centro is now expanding from South End to Brookline as El Centro Dos

Photo Sasabune Omakase Modified: Flickr/erin/CC 4.0

Boston’s popular South End restaurant El Centro will be expanding. A rep from the restaurant confirmed to Boston.com that the new location will be opening this weekend in Brookline, and will be called El Centro Dos.

El Centro owner Allan Rodriguez told the Boston site that the city doesn’t have enough real, authentic, Mexican restaurants. His menus consist of recipes for dishes that he has gathered from many trips to Mexico. The current restaurant has items on the menu, which range from charcoal grilled corn, to shredded roasted pork with artichoke, to authentic enchiladas.

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Of course, the drink menu has authentic Mexican roots as well. Mexican white and red wines are on the menu, as well as sangria, tequila cocktails, spicy margaritas, and authentic Mexican sodas (Hibiscus flower flavor!). Apparently, the new location will have full bar which will truly show off all of these unique drinks, which will rotate seasonally. El Centro Dos is located at 236 Washington St., Brookline.