Food of the Day: Eggplant Parmesan From Heidi’s Brooklyn Deli

A Brooklyn-named deli located in Lewiston, Maine
Michele Tribou

This deli creates their own spin on Brooklyn-style sandwiches and more.

Don’t let the name of this deli fool you. Strange, I know, but Heidi’s Brooklyn Deli is nowhere close to Brooklyn. Located in the heart of Lewiston, Maine, Heidi’s stirs up hype when it comes to its food. The restaurant is not positioned in some cute neighborhood with other diners and bakeries. No, it’s along the side of a busy road next to a "Sun Tan City." But it doesn’t stop anyone from making the trip there.

With a miscellaneous menu that ranges from breakfast sandwiches to smoothies, I ordered the eggplant Parmesan. As I began to un-wrap the aluminum foil, the heat from the sandwich lifted to my nose, and I could sense the incredible aroma of tomatoes and grainy bread.

With a splash of marina sauce spooned over the breaded eggplant, the texture is perfectly balanced between soft and crunchy. And then there’s the bread. What separates this eggplant Parm from others is that the sauce does not make the bread too moist. The toasted bread complements all the other ingredients perfectly, bringing together the whole sandwich by uplifting the taste of the marinara and eggplant.

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