Worst Bites: Avoid These Foods at Wrigley and The Rate During the Crosstown Classic

The ballfield isn't the only place for competition. It's also in the kitchens.

Wrigley's black bean burger

We ate every food item at Guaranteed Rate Field and Wrigley Field to determine which Chicago ballpark has the best roster, as the White Sox and Cubs prepare to face off in the City Series next week. But not everything was great. And some of it was just plain awful. Here are the worst dishes at both parks, items you want to avoid.

Wrigley: black bean burger

Not only does the veggie burger taste chalky with a faint chemical aftertaste, but the menu also makes it clear that it's more caloric than a regular cheeseburger (730 calores to 490). Just avoid. $7.

Nick Kindelsperger

Guaranteed Rate

Guaranteed Rate: 35th Street tacos

I waited for nearly 30 minutes to score two of the worst tacos I've ever encountered. The tortillas were dried out, collapsing into mush when I tried to pick them up. The pork carnitas were undersalted and fatty — a sad combo. And the salsa tasted like a jarred marinara sauce. $8.50 for 2.

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