Woman Sues Starbucks Claiming Hot Tea Killed Her Dog

The plaintiff is seeking $100,000 in damages

A Colorado woman is suing Starbucks after sustaining burns from a hot tea that she claims killed her dog.

Deanna Salas-Solano, 58, claims that when she visited a Denver Starbucks drive-thru in September 2015, she was handed a 20-ounce hot tea with an unsecured lid that spilled and burned her stomach, legs, lap and dog.

The lawsuit alleges that the tea did not have a hot cup sleeve and was not double-cupped, thereby burning her hands and causing the spill from the unstable lid. According to local Denver news station KDVR, the lawsuit claims that the dog owner was diagnosed with “Two percent total body surface area second-degree burn injury to the abdomen and bilateral thighs.”

Salas-Solano was treated for severe burns and underwent reconstructive surgery, including skin grafts. Her dog was taken to a veterinary hospital but later died from his injuries.

She is seeking $100,000 in damages from the coffee conglomerate.

Reggie Borges, a Starbucks spokesperson, had this to say to The Daily Meal: “We are sympathetic to Ms. Salas-Solano and the injuries she sustained and our hearts go out to her on the loss of her dog. However, we have video evidence that clearly contradicts the claims made by the plaintiff and believe they are without merit. We don’t have any reason to believe our partner (employee) was at fault.”

Neither Ms. Salas-Solano or her attorneys were available to give a comment at this time, but The Daily Meal will continue to update this story with any new developments.

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